Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | You Need a Website (+ You Need to Use Consumer Psychology)

Why You Need a Website (+ Need to Use Consumer Psychology)

Potential Reach

Did you know that 70-80% of people research a company online before deciding to do business with them?

This means that if you don’t have a website, you’re limiting your customer reach to those 20-30% of people who are still living in the stone age.

I’m going to guess that…

A. You didn’t know this.

B. You want to have access to 100% of the people in your target market.

“Okay, so I’ll set up a website so people have something to see and then I’ll be done with it.”

No. While a website will help you reach 100% of your target market, keep in mind that if someone is researching you online then they’re also researching your competitors online.


If someone is researching both you and your competitor before deciding who to schedule a consultation with or who to book services through, they need to see how you provide more value and how your services are different right from the start.

You can do this through your copy. Show them you know the issues they are facing and the goals they are trying to reach. Then, show them that your products or services can eliminate the issues and help them reach those goals. But most importantly, show them how your services are different from your competitors.

This differentiation is what will provide a connection between you and the customer that your competitor won’t have.

Sales Calls

“Can’t I just explain how I’m different during my sales calls?”

Without a website you have a fraction of the sales calls you would have if you had one. And the sales calls you are having right now aren’t guaranteed to end with a sale.

With a site that differentiates you and attracts more solid leads, you’ll spend less time pitching yourself on sales calls. Your website will do that hard work for you.

When you get onto a sales call with someone who found you through your website, you will answer some lingering questions they might have and then send them a contract or an invoice because they already knew they knew they wanted to work with you before they even got on the phone. Your website helped them make that decision.

Your copy isn’t the only thing on your website that you can use to your advantage. I wrote an entire blog post on what specific findings from consumer psychology you can implement onto your website to really generate more leads and maximize your sales.


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