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Website Builder: WordPress, Squarespace, or Showit

Specializing in which website builder will land you the most web design clients: WordPress, Squarespace or Showit? Does it even matter which one you specialize in?

WordPress vs Squarespace | Blog Post Graphic | Kristen Leigh

There are only two website builders I recommend you stay away from as a service based business owner who is looking to make web design a number one source of income. But some of the worst information I’ve ever received is what not to do rather than what to do. Like, cool… now I know what I shouldn’t be doing but what the hell am I supposed to do instead?

Rather than tell you the two platforms I recommend you stay away from, I’m going to give you a rundown comparison of three platforms I recommend you look into. Test them out by using their demo sites and then specialize in just one of those platforms.

The three platforms are: WordPress, Squarespace, and Showit.

Now I feel like I need to throw in a disclaimer here to say these aren’t the only three website builders or CMS’s out there in the world that are worth a look. In fact, one of my Web Design Money Maker students uses Oxygen and she loves it. Personally, I’ve never used Oxygen before and I also know it isn’t a platform many business owners are aware exists.

This is why we’re focusing on WordPress, Squarespace, and Showit – because I’ve heard of the, you’ve heard of them, and your potential clients have heard of them.

Which page builder will land the most clients?

One of the biggest questions I get from my community is “Should I choose WordPress? Should I use Squarespace?” It’s like we as individuals have latched onto the idea that these are the two biggest platforms and because of that, we have to specialize in both of them in order to have a large pool of leads to market to.

Fun fact: When it comes to having a large pool of leads to market to, it doesn’t matter which platform you specialize in. Let’s say there are one million business owners interested in having a WordPress website built. Just because you specialize in WordPress doesn’t mean that all one million of those people are all of a sudden solid leads for you to pursue. It doesn’t work that way. There are too many other factors that go into a lead being worth your time. Not to mention, a perfect lead might want a website built on a platform you don’t specialize in until they meet your wonderful, awesome self and realize they’ll take a website on whatever platform you’ll build it on.

Something else I’ve heard before is “I’m kind of afraid / really don’t want to learn WordPress but I feel like I have to.” Good news! You don’t! In fact, specializing in two platforms is actually going to make landing clients more difficult because it convolutes your messaging. So if you don’t want to learn WordPress, maybe it seems intimidating to you, or you’ve tried it and were super annoyed with how outdated the backend is… don’t learn it. You don’t have to in order to have a large pool of leads!

Website Builder Features

There are only two things you need to take into consideration when choosing your website builder of choice.

  1. Does it work for you?
  2. Does it work for your clients?

It doesn’t matter if another designer recommends a specific platform. If that platform doesn’t work for you, it’s not the right choice for you. It doesn’t matter if another web designer’s clients prefer Squarespace. If your clients prefer Showit, you should specialize in Showit.

The table below gives a brief overview of the features of WordPress, Squarespace, and Showit. Use this table to determine which platform will work best for you and for your clients.





Built In Hosting (Siteground recommended) x x
Drag and Drop x x x
Plugins x WordPress
Themes / Templates x x x
eCommerce x x x
Blogging Capable x x WordPress
Device Responsive x x x
Coding x x x
SEO Capable x x x
Customer Support x x x

Dependent on Page Builder

(Recommended Divi or Elementor)

Personal = $16 / month

Business = $26 / month

Basic Commerce = $30 / month

Advanced Commerce = $46 / month

$24 / month

+ Basic Blog = $29 / month

+ Advanced Blog = $39 / month

+ Advanced Blog 50K = $69 / month

+ Advanced Blog 100K = $129 / month

Demo Site

Page Builder Specific

(Divi Demo Site)

(Elementor Free Plan)

Free Plan

Free Trial


Using The Platform Process to Choose a Website Builder

You checked out the table? Played around with the demo sites and free trials? But something still isn’t sitting right with you? You haven’t quite landed on which website builder is right for you and your clients.

Maybe you couldn’t understand how to use the Squarespace templates. You thought they would be more customizable than they were. But instead the templates felt like pre-built websites where you’re just plugging in the content.

So then you checked out WordPress for the flexibility. Could you figure it out? Nope.

You moved onto Showit which was easier to figure out than WordPress but it also felt extremely customizable. So customizable that you felt you could get lost in all the details and spend way too much time on a single page or website.

If that sounds familiar to you then you need to use The Platform Process. The Platform Process is a simple to follow solution that helps you select just one platform and then become a master of that platform.

During this process, some questions you’ll ask yourself are:

  • Are you okay with needing a separate hosting platform?
  • Are you okay with needing to do a little extra work to make the site mobile optimized?
  • Are you okay with a little design restriction or do you want total freedom?
  • Are you okay with needing to use plugins?

I talk all about The Platform Process in our free on-demand training that shows you how to make web design a number one source of income in your service-based business. Since it’s on-demand, you can watch the training at a time that works best for you just by clicking here and signing up to receive the link.

Once you’ve gone through all of the questions and determined which website builder is the best logical fit for you, you’ll start the process of mastering that platform. Even better, the Platform Specific Coaches inside of Web Design Money Maker can help you through the process and help you master your platform of choice all while you get paid to build a client a new website!


How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh


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