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How to Have a Successful Web Design Consultation

Learn how to have a successful web design consultation – where your conversion rates are 90%!

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Email Opt-In Forms | Best Places to Add Email Opt Ins on Your Website

The 2019 version of this blog post included these five reasons why your free web design consultations aren’t successful:

  1. You care too much
  2. You don’t know the real problem
  3. You’re giving away too much
  4. You’re all over the place
  5. You’re asking the wrong questions

While these definitely still apply, over the last 2 years I’ve learned a lot about how to increase the conversion rates of my sales calls to 90%. Yes, you read that correctly. Nine out of ten leads that get onto sales calls with me convert into paying clients. My conversion rates haven’t always been that high though. If I was lucky, 1 or 2 out of 10 leads would convert into paying clients.

I’ve come a long way and it all boils down to two things: pre-screening and communication.

Pre-screening before discovery calls

New Web Design Money Maker students remind me all the time that hopping onto sales calls with any interested lead is a tactic that’s still widely used. In my opinion, you should only use that tactic if you’re looking for communication practice rather than conversions.

Let me explain why.

What happens when you jump on discovery calls with anyone

Tanya schedules 10 discovery calls, free consultations, sales calls (whatever your terminology of choice is) for the next week to get in some good practice talking to leads. She didn’t pre-screen these leads which means she doesn’t know what platform they want their websites built on, she doesn’t know if they’re new business owners or if they have an established service / product offering, and she doesn’t know if they’re making $1K or $10K per month. These leads are total strangers to her.

Tanya spends roughly 30 minutes on each call. So she’s spending around 5 hours one week talking with people she knows literally nothing about other than the fact that they’re interested in having a website for their business.

During the first discovery call, Tanya is upbeat and excited to chat with the lead about what they’re looking for and how she can help. About 15 minutes later Tanya can tell this person is just interested in getting free information. They hang up without the lead converting into a client.

On the second call, Tanya feels like things are going well and that the lead is interested. But then sticker shock happens when Tanya shares her prices. This lead is a total newbie when it comes to business and hasn’t brought in her first $1K yet. They part ways without the lead converting because she can’t afford Tanya’s prices.

Situations like this continue through all ten discovery calls. No one signs on. Tanya might have added 5 hours of communication practice under her belt but it was exhausting and she really has nothing to show for it.

Now, you might be thinking, “she does have something to show for it… she got practice.”

Ehh… you can only improve through practice if you have something to analyze. Think about it. A professional baseball player has a coach and video recordings to watch and analyze their play style. By watching those practice or game tapes and through the help of their coach, they analyze what worked, what didn’t and then optimize based on that analysis.

Tanya may not stumble over her words after 5 hours of sales call practice but she isn’t any closer to converting an ideal lead into an ideal client just because she walked through sales calls with unideal clients. In fact, Tanya went through this 5 hours of practice and the only thing she can analyze is the fact that she got onto free web design consultations with unscreened leads that weren’t a good fit. The only thing she can optimize from that analysis is getting onto calls with different people – the right people.

Pre-screening web design leads is something we go over thoroughly in Web Design Money Maker because it’s one of the steps to having successful conversion sales calls. If you want our help improving your pre-screening process you can get started by watching our on-demand training here.

If you’re anything like me and you’d rather practice your sales calls and convert the leads into paying clients at the same time, then you need to stop taking so many sales calls with dead leads.

How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh

Using a web design sales script to communicate correctly

Once you start having sales calls with the right people, a successful web design consultation is all about communication.

  • How you communicate (what you actually say)
  • How much you communicate (when you speak and when you listen)

This might come as a shock to you but a sales call is no time to pitch your services…

Did I just blow your mind?!

Your marketing (your website, Instagram posts, emails, etc.) should all be pitching your services. The purpose of a sales call is to relate the value of your services back to what the lead says to you during the sales call.

On that note, if I’m being honest, a sales call isn’t the time for you to be speaking 100% of the time. A sales call is the time for you to be listening to the lead, hearing them out and then communicating how the value of your web design services relates to their goals and business struggles.

These two things can be really hard to do. Not pitching your services on a sales call is difficult because that’s what we all think a sales call is, right? To change our mindset around the real purpose and method of a sales call is downright difficult. Not talking a majority of the sales call is also difficult, right? Because again, we think that’s what we’re supposed to be doing – selling ourselves.

Not doing those two things and instead listening more and communicating your value correctly is made much easier when you follow a sales script built for converting sales calls.

When you have an actual sales script to follow during your web design consultations that limits how much you speak, increases how much you listen, and prompts you to relate your value back to the lead – and then you use that same script over and over and over again – your conversion rates will increase. Landing clients will become easier. And you’ll find that you’re not spending an entire 30 minutes feeling like you need to sell yourself to the lead in order to land them as a high paying client.

I am so passionate about helping virtual assistants land more web design clients, that I created an entire process which I’ve dubbed Converting Sales Calls. And on top of that, I also explain how to get my entire web design sales script for free in the on-demand training How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills.

Your sales calls shouldn’t convert at 20%. With that low of a conversion rate, it means on top of doing your current virtual assistant work and on top of adding web design to your service offerings, you’re wasting a ton of time on sales calls that you aren’t getting paid for.

Your sales calls should and can convert at 90% like mine. Remember, a successful web design consultation really consists of two things: getting on calls with the right people and communicating correctly.

Learn more about converting sales calls and how you can convert more leads on sales calls (leading to money in your bank right then and there) by grabbing a free seat at our free on-demand training.


How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh


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