4 Underrated Divi Modules

The Divi theme and page builder is my absolutely favorite way to design and build WordPress websites. But there are 4 underrated and possibly unknown modules that you have to start using on your WordPress web designs. Use these tips and tutorials to help you build your next website more quickly and efficiently.

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | 4 Underrated Divi Modules

Underrated Divi Modules

Did you know Divi has 37 built in modules that allow you to create a super customized website? Don’t limit yourself to using just the standard text module, image module, or button module. Some of Divi’s built in modules can help you easily create an interactive website that stands out from your competitor’s. Others can accomplish something you’re trying to make with the text, image, and button modules in a fraction of the time.

I’m going to share with you my 4 favorite underrated Divi modules that can take your website from average to awesome.

The Accordian Module

The accordian module is perfect for when you want to provide more information to your visitors but you don’t want the web page to just be a bunch of text. Frequently asked questions is the perfect example of when to use the accordian module.

If you scroll down a bit to see the accordian module in action, you’ll see 6 boxes. The first one is open but the other 5 are collapsed which reduces the amount of text a visitor sees at first glance. Instead, the actual frequently asked questions can be seen. This makes it much easier for your site visitors to scan the questions. If they’re scanning through the questions and find one they’re interested in, they can click the plus (+) button to see the answer.

How customized can it get?

The accoridan module is super customizable! Here are just a few things you can customize:

  • Header text color
  • Header background color
  • Body text color
  • Body background color
  • Universal text and background color OR individual text and background colors by question
  • Icon color and background color
  • Open text and background color can be different than the closed text and background color
  • You can add a border (like I have in green) or you can leave it clean

These are just a handful of ways you can customize the accoridan module. Really, the possibilities are endless but it’s so easy because it’s all one Divi module!

The accordian module in action


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The Blurb Module

My next underrated Divi module is the blurb module. It’s normal for service based websites to have images stacked on top of a header stacked on top of body paragraph text. But you know how long it takes you to create this and perfect the look on mobile, too? Too long!

The blurb module is perfect for testimonials, a list of steps, or basically anything that has an image, header, and text explanation. Plus, the look is consistent on mobile. No more worrying that you didn’t place columns, rows, and modules correctly to get the image, header text, and body paragraph text stacked. You won’t go to your mobile site and see image, image, image, header, body paragraph, header, body paragraph any longer.

Just use the blurb module!

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Web Designer Resource Library


Plus get instant access to 9+ resources to help you start and grow your web design business with ease!

how customized can it get?

The blurb module is extremely customizable, too. Here’s a few things you can look forward to when you use it:

  • The image can be on top OR left side of the text
  • Header formatting and text color can be changed
  • Body paragraph formatting and text color can be changed
  • You can use an image OR one of Divi’s built in icons
  • Links can be added
  • The background color can be changed

the blurb module in action


Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Design Element Gold Palm Tree


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The email opt-in Module

Are you tired of trying to figure out how to easily add opt-in forms onto your website? With all the different platforms out there… ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, ConvertKit, MailerLite… there comes a ton of different tutorials on how to add opt-in forms on your website.

Fortunately, this underrated Divi module works for ALL PLATFORMS. It’s doesn’t matter which email platform you use, the email opt-in module connects to all of them and allows you complete customization. (Most likely more customization than your email platform allows.)

This is a quick and simple way to add customized email opt-ins to your website without the headache of following all those tutorials. You just add the email opt-in module, connect it your email account, and customize!

Seriously, it’s as simple as that.

how customized can it get?

Here are just a few things that can be customized on the email opt-in module:

  • Customized header text
  • Customized description (add a catchy call to action but make sure it’s easy to understand)
  • Add a footer
  • Include the first name, last name, first name only, or a single name field for both first and last name
  • Display a success message OR send subscribers to a different URL
  • Background color
  • Font formatting and colors
  • Make fields full width OR not (your choice!)
  • Change the placement of the text and fields within the module

the email opt-in module in action

(Please note, the opt in below is a graphic to show how it can look but is not attached to an email list.)

4 Underrated Divi Modules + How to Use Them | Email Optin Module

The tabs Module

Most business owners have one core service that they have created variations of. The tabs module is the perfect way to display these variations on your website without taking up a bunch of space.

The number of tabs you can include are endless. When one row runs out of room, a new row will appear below it for additional tabs.

how customized can it get?

Super customized!

  • Endless number of tabs
  • Header text color
  • Header background color
  • Body text color
  • Body background color
  • Universal text and background color OR individual text and background colors by tab
  • Link the whole tab module to one specific web page OR link individual tabs to different URLs

This is just a small selection of what can be customized. Like the number of tabs, the customization options are endless!

The tabs module in action


  • 8 page website
  • Lifetime access to the Divi theme (SAVINGS of $89/year)
  • Custom “coming soon” page
  • Content writing prompts
  • Complimentary favicon
  • 2-3 designs per page with 2 rounds of edits
  • Design backed by consumer psychology
  • Ideal placement of important content and psychological trigger words and phrases
  • Format for ideal user flow
  • Customized blog with blog post template
  • Two 40 minute calls
  • Unlimited Asana access
  • Basic SEO
  • Google Analytics setup and video tutorials
  • Tutorial video library
  • 30 day post launch support
  • Web design package, plus…
  • Creative brief questionnaires
  • Pinterest inspo board
  • 3 mood board designs
  • 3 color palette designs
  • 1 complimentary font
  • Primary, alternative, and submark logos
  • Logo branding board + style guide
  • Brand announcement graphics

So there you have it, my four favorite underrated Divi modules. Try them out and let me know what you think!


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Plus get instant access to 9+ resources to help you start and grow your web design business with ease!


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