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A little over a month ago I launched Web Design Classifieds. My first online course designed specifically for web designers who want to design high-end websites and grow their businesses. It was exhilarating and exhausting to launch. There were some lows… from recording issues to really hating the way Teachable forces you into a specific design for the sales page. But there were also tons of highs… creating meaningful content, enrolling new students, and getting that feedback, “I’m really loving all of the content inside the course!”

I didn’t have huge expectations for my first launch. It’s kind of like designing your first website as a self-taught web designer. Until you’ve designed one, you can’t get better. And odds are, that first website isn’t going to look the best. But once it’s done, you have something to improve from!

So I launched it. With a pretty small email list… but I enrolled some new students so I’ll take that as a win! Now that I’ve launched it once, I have something to learn from and something to grow from during my second launch. (Interested in when that is? Join the waitlist for Web Design Classifieds here!)

You know how during every single web design project you work on, you learn something new about your process? Or maybe you learn something new about what your ideal client wants? I had a similar experience.

Learning from Feedback

During the Web Design Classifieds launch I received some emails about the price of the course. No, Web Design Classifieds will not get less expensive. It’s a well-worth it investment in your business. But it got me thinking. How can I provide a service that is accessible to everyone? No matter what stage someone is at in their business, what can I provide for a service that they will be able to afford and learn from?


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The Web Designer Club

Introducing… The Web Designer Club! An affordable online membership site designed specifically for web designers.

What’s Inside of the Web Designer Club?

Exclusive Content to Help You With the Business Side of Your Business

Each month I’m releasing exclusive content that will help you with the business side of your business.

What’s that mean? You know HOW to design a website so you don’t need someone to teach you that. What you need is someone to help you figure out the whole running a successful business thing.

What do you do when you’ve taken on too much work? Hire a virtual assistant? How do you even find one? What work would you even hand off to them?

Is Pinterest really all it’s cracked up to be? Should you use it to market your web design business? How do you go about doing that yourself? What are the best strategies? Or what if you don’t want to do it yourself? How do you find a reliable Pinterest Manager that will ACTUALLY get you results?

Accounting? You’re ignoring that, right? What should you be doing each month, quarter, year to make sure you’re following all the laws? Paying taxes? You have questions about that, too?

Each month a new guest expert will be interviewed and featured inside The Web Designer Club to help answer these types of questions. This is exclusive content that cannot be found anywhere else! Even better… you’ll be connected with go-to experts in different industries so when you decide it’s time to hire a virtual assistant or an Instagram specialist, you’ll already have a reliable contact to reach out to.

Exclusive Content to Show You What’s Possible

Some months the guest experts are web designers just like you! I want you to see the possibilities of owning a web design business. In these interviews you’ll learn about things like the realities of owning a fully remote web design business, how structuring your process using fixed timeframes may work best for you, and how you can 100% replace your corporate income (surpass it even) as a web designer!

These interviews won’t only inspire you but will teach you things you may never have thought about!


Get on the waitlist to be notified when The Web Designer Club is open for enrollment!

Audits on Your Business + One-on-One Coaching

How many times have you wanted to reach out to a successful web designer and say something like, “hey, do my packages make sense?” or “am I pricing this correctly?” or even, “is my website copy targeting my ideal customer?”

The Web Designer Club allows you to do just that! Once you’re a member, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for an audit AND a cocktail hour with me! An audit is a recorded video where I audit whatever part of your business you ask me to while a cocktail hour is an hour long one-on-one coaching call with me where we can dive into any aspect of your business.

Audits are added into the membership site for all other Clubbers to view and learn from. One-on-one coaching calls are recorded and sent privately to the Clubber who was selected that month so they can rewatch it whenever they want!

Step-by-Step Tutorials

Cool… all these guest experts are going to explain what you should be doing but how do you actually do them? By watching easy to follow step-by-step tutorials! Each month I’ll be adding in video lessons to teach you how to do different things. This could be auditing your Pinterest profile, setting up a new tool, or goal setting for the month.

The Web Designer Club isn’t here to just tell you the WHAT. The Web Designer Club is here to also show you the HOW.

So Much More

When I was creating The Web Designer club I looked around at what other people offered in their membership sites. I didn’t want to include too little because I want it to be worth it! But I also felt like I couldn’t include too much because the prices I’ve put in place are so easily affordable.

But ya know what… who cares that the price is so affordable? The Web Designer Club is going to be full of so much more than what I just explained.

Think discounts on other Kristen Leigh Designs products and services, monthly checklists to help you make the most of each month, and maybe even some in person group meetups!

How to Join The Web Designer Club

The Web Designer Club is opening for enrollment on November 11, 2019 for the first time ever! There will be 3 membership levels to choose from (told ya, one for everyone and every budget). Get on the waitlist here to be notified when enrollment opens! (It won’t be open for long!)


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Get on the waitlist to be notified when The Web Designer Club is open for enrollment!


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