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SEO for Web Designers

Get a walkthrough of SEO for Web Designers – a course to help you get more eyes on your high-converting website designs and impact your client’s business in an even bigger way by following SEO best practices.

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I’m cheesin’ hardcore over here because the Kristen Leigh course offerings are expanding! Hundreds of students have gone through Web Design Business Bootcamp and now it finally has a partner-in-crime… SEO for Web Designers.

Bootcamp students have already got first access to the course and now I’m so excited to be opening it up to YOU!

Why SEO for Web Designers?

Over the last month I’ve been talking all about SEO and why web designers should care about it as well as implement basic SEO strategies correctly into your web design process. (Because unfortunately, this is something that I’ve seen done wrong time and time again.)

Rather than recap all of that, let me point you in the right direction of the blog posts that dive in depth into:

Those four blog posts will explain exactly why I’ve been putting so much emphasis on integrating SEO with web design.

What is SEO for Web Designers?

SEO for Web Designers is an online course that teaches you the best practices you must follow as a web designer. Even better, it only teaches the strategies that you as a web designer need to know!

And… it benefits both you and your client!

How your client’s benefit:

You’re already designing high converting websites, right? (If not, check out Web Design Business Bootcamp.) By implementing SEO best practices your clients can attract more traffic to the high converting websites you build. That means your client’s audience will grow and so will their revenue.

How you benefit:

By following these best practices and increasing organic traffic to your client’s websites you can proudly add SEO to your packages. And since you’re providing so much more value and getting your clients even better results, you can raise your prices even more!

What type of results could you see?

You can find all the really good info by clicking here: SEO for Web Designers. But here’s a quick glimpse into the results one of my clients and I have seen.

My website results:

2018: Less than 500

2019: 4,220

2020: 15,464

Between 2018 and 2020 I was able to grow my website traffic by nearly 3,000% and over 50% of that traffic came from organic search. I did that simply by implementing the basic SEO strategies I teach inside of my new course SEO for Web Designers.

Client A’s results:

After redesigning one of my client’s websites, over 3,000 new organic leads were introduced to her website in just a single year.

Imagine if you and your clients increased your organic traffic by 3,000 people. What would that do for your client? What would that do for YOU?

If you’ve been designing websites for years and have been toying with the idea of adding SEO to your packages…

Or if you’re just getting started as a web designer and want to make sure you start off on the right foot…

SEO for Web Designers is here to help.



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