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How to Save Time in Your Business

When you think about ways to save time in your business, how to be more productive, how to spend less time doing repetitive tasks, what comes to mind?

Here’s some advice you’ll find out there on the internet or on Pinterest:

  • Start each morning off writing down a list of what you need to do
  • Prioritize that list into what needs to be done or what is a money-generating task/project (and start there)
  • Or start with the hardest thing on the list, that thing you’re dreading and get it out of the way
  • Time block by dedicating specific chunks of 1 or 2 hours to certain projects or tasks and when that time block is done, move onto something else
  • Keep your email closed except for dedicated times you’ll be checking and replying to emails

This is all good advice and I do some of these things… sometimes… but have we not all figured out by now that what works for someone else doesn’t necessarily work for everyone?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a foolproof, hands down this-always-works way to save time in your business?

There is! And it’s not what you expect.

I’m not here to tell you to make lists, check them twice, organize them, prioritize them, time block, or set specific email times.

Save Time in Your Business by…

I’m here to tell you to invest in your website.

I’m not telling you to do this because I’m a web designer and I want you to book my services. I mean, yes that would be great but that isn’t the purpose here. (I’m not even going to link to my booking calendar just to show you how much I mean this.)

I’m telling you this because you could take a couple days and DIY your website or make some simple website updates like fixing your navigation, reducing the number of packages, messaging things more frequently (just to name a few) and immediately begin reaping the benefits.

I’m telling you this because I want you to STOP spending SO MUCH TIME doing repetitive tasks like answering the same 5 questions over and over again or following up with leads that 100% cannot afford you.

I’m telling you this because if you invest in your website now, you’ll be able to do things in your business you never had time for before.

Are there things you’ve been dying to do, start a podcast or a Facebook group, develop an online course, take on another 1:1 client, but you just haven’t had the time?

how investing in your website will save time in your business

Investing in your website can be a financial investment (if you want to hire someone to do it for you) or a time investment (if you want to DIY it yourself). But after it’s said and done, you’ll be saving yourself so. much. time.

At the beginning of 2019 I re-branded, new business name, new website, the whole nine yards. This is when I sat down and thought through everything I could have on my website that would save me time.

Weed out Unqualified Leads with Pricing

To include or not include? That is the ultimate pricing question!

You know what… I don’t have a yes or no answer for you here. Here’s what I can tell you:

Including pricing on your website can 100% weed out unqualified leads and save you time. The less unqualified leads are reaching out to you, the less time you spend trying to warm up leads who are never going to sign on with you.

It’s inevitable. Not everyone is going to be an ideal client. Some people will reach out to you with a budget that is half of what it costs to book your services. But wait… you didn’t figure that out until AFTER you wasted a couple hours going back and forth via email? Or worse… you didn’t figure that out until AFTER you had a free consultation? Talk about a waste of time!

Instead of wasting your time collecting information from people who can’t afford your services, instead of chatting with them via email for hours, and instead of booking a free consultation that is going to ultimately end up with a solid “girl, no, bye” save yourself some time by being upfront with your pricing.

Including your pricing on your sales pages is a foolproof way to stop unqualified leads in their tracks. And the less they’re reaching out to you, the more time you have to work on other things in your business (or take that well deserved day off!).

Weed Out Unqualified Leads with Questionnaires/Lead Capture Forms

You have a really expensive, high-end service and you’re afraid that qualified leads will be turned off by the pricing but you KNOW, if you have a free consultation with them they’ll sign on. Yes?

This is why I said I don’t have that solid yes or no answer to the “to include or not to include” ultimate pricing question.

But again, here’s what I know: I don’t include pricing on my website anymore. My packages got to a certain level where they aren’t “affordable to everyone” anymore. So what do I do instead that still saves me a ton of time in my business (and allows me to gather potential future leads)?

I created a lead capture form in Dubsado. I had about 10 questions around their website, goals, struggles, monthly income, etc. At the bottom of the form I ask a simple question: “Are you ready to invest in yourself, your business, and your website?”

The answers are simple, too.

  • Yes, I have $X available for the deposit.
  • Yes, I have $X available for the full upfront payment.
  • No, I’m not ready to invest.

Now when someone fills out the form I can tell if they would benefit from my services by the first 9 or so questions (goals, struggles, etc.). Then I can tell if they’re a qualified lead who can afford my services by the answer to whether or not they are ready to invest.

If someone is qualified, we move forward with their free consultation. If someone isn’t, I kick off an automated email that tells them I’m only booking calls with people who are ready to invest at this time and cancel their free consultation.

However! Remember how I said I can now gather future potential leads? Well, some people would really benefit from my services but aren’t quite at the level where they can afford my web design services. I can tell this by their answer in the “monthly income” question. I make a note, shoot them an email about how I would love to work with them in the future when they’re ready, and keep in touch with them. Just because someone isn’t ready now, doesn’t mean they won’t be ready in a couple of months!

I’m saving time by not having free consultations with unqualified leads and building my list of potential future leads at the same time!

Answer frequently asked questions

Guys, this is a given.

After a while you figure out that there’s consistency in the questions you’re asked about your products or services. Instead of answering those every. single. time. Use your website to eliminate how frequently you’re asked those questions.

Add an FAQ page to your website or an FAQ section on your sales page to start reducing the amount of repetitive questions you’re answering on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Adjust your copy to reflect those answers as well. If people are constantly asking, “Is this right for me?” answer that directly in your copy. So many people today explicitly include “This is for you if…” and “This isn’t for you if…” BECAUSE it saves them time in the long run.

When people can read exactly what they want to know on your website, they’ll stop sending you emails to get answers to those questions AND you’ll get more solid leads. Not everyone who is interested in your product/service will send you an email to get their questions asked. Some people will just say, “Forget it” and move on because it’s too much work.

So add those FAQ sections to your website and adjust your copy if needed to reduce the amount of questions you ask. The less emails you have to reply to, the move time you’re saving in your business.

Book Consultations for Your Services

This one is also obvious, right? A website must allow people to purchase a product, sign on for a service, or book a call at the very least. Without this you’ll be begging people for work because people aren’t coming to you.

However, there are so many places on your website that you should be placing these call-to-actions. The easier it is for someone to book a call, purchase a product, or sign on for a service the more money you will make but also, the less emails you’ll be responding to.

If someone finds themselves on your contact page wanting to book a free consultation but you don’t have a call-to-action for them to do this, they’ll fill out your contact form. Then you’ll have to send them a link. And then they’ll have to book the call (and by then, they could have changed their mind).

If someone finds themselves on your contact page wanting to book a free consultation and YOU DO have a call-to-action for them to do this, they’ll click that button and book a call. Then you won’t be responding to their email, you won’t be sending them a link, and you won’t be wondering if they’re still interested after waiting for you to respond.

Again, you’re saving time in your business!

how to save time in your business recap

Imagine what you could do if you were spending less time answering emails, scheduling consultations, tracking down leads…

Would you be working on that online course? Building that Facebook group community? Laying on a beach because damn, you deserve it? What about working on that online course while laying on the beach?

It’s all possible by investing in your website (whether that’s DIY style or by hiring a web designer who knows their stuff). Sure those other tips and tricks like making a list and checking it twice are helpful but you have to consistently do those things each and every day. (And if you’re anything like me, you’re really good at sticking to it for a week and then whoops… moving onto other things!)

But a website sticks around. That investment helps you in the long run. Sure you may have to make tweaks here and there as your business grows or you start receiving new questions. Overall though, you’ll spend WAY less time making those updates than you would answering repetitive questions, making daily to-do lists, and prioritizing the millions of things you end up writing on that to-do list.

Do yourself a favor, and save time in your business by investing in your website first. Then go try those other tips & tricks.


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