Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Are Rotating Banners Causing You to Lose Leads

are you losing leads because of rotating banners?

what is a rotating banner?

You might know rotating banner by another name… rotating slider or carousel are two that come to mind. Basically a rotating banner is that section on your website that alternates between pieces of content automatically. There could be just two slides or there could be three, four, or five slides. The great thing about rotating banners is that it creates more space for content, right?

The bad thing about rotating banners? LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE.

I stumbled upon this website Should I Use A Carousel and if it doesn’t immediately make you understand why you shouldn’t use a carousel then continue reading.

effects of rotating banners

visitors miss content

There are two specific scenarios that can happen with rotating banners that would make a visitor miss out on seeing your content.

short attention spans

When a visitor lands on your website you have seconds to capture their attention. This means that first piece of content they see needs to be engaging. It needs to be interesting and enticing or you’ll lose them.

You may be thinking “Wouldn’t a rotating banner be good then? It increases the chances that visitors will find something they’re interested in?”

Unfortunately, no. We as consumers have short attention spans. If we don’t see something we’re immediately interested in we either scroll down the page quickly to scan the content or we leave the website for something more interesting.

If that first slide doesn’t interest them, they’ll move on before the second slide even appears. Because of this, your visitors may be missing really valuable and interesting content because of where it’s placed on your website.

banners rotate too fast

Sometimes people add too much text to their rotating banners without thinking about whether or not visitors will be able to read it all before the next slide appears. Not only does this cause people to miss good content you’ve written but it also causes frustration.

They’re then forced to wait for the slide to appear again (if arrows or navigation dots aren’t there for them to use), scroll back to the previous slide and try to figure out where they left off, or decide not to bother going back because they’re too annoyed.

You put the content there for a reason… to be read… but rotating banners actually cause people to miss that content!

causes confusion

A well designed website is customized for a businesses specific goals. While your business can have multiple goals, sell multiple services or products, your website should be designed to guide people toward completing a specific goal.

Imagine this, you’re really try to book all of your coaching spots for the next few months. Do you not promote your coaching services on your homepage or do you make it really prominent?

You make it really prominent! That’s what will make people aware. That’s one step in guiding people to learn more about your coaching services and ultimately convert.

But if you are promoting your coaching services, your Facebook community, and your blog all in this prime real estate (the top banner on the home page), you’re basically saying that you don’t know which of the three is your main focus at that time. You’ve made all of these goals equal and now you’re confusing your visitors.

(Not to mention, as you just learned from above, most visitors won’t even see past the first slide anyway.)

waste of time and effort

There’s nothing worse than spending a bunch of your time creating some really good content and then not receiving any leads or closing any sales from it. If you’re going to spend time creating graphics and writing copy, it should be on your website in a spot where it will be seen!

There’s no reason why your website can’t message your coaching services and ask people to join your email list and make them aware of your Facebook community. But it does need to be done in a cohesive way that makes sense and that guides visitors to convert.

It should never be done in rotating banners though because that’s a waste of your time and effort!


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