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The Power SEO Has Over Your Web Design Business

Learn about the power SEO has over your web design business success as I walk you through three major impacts of learning SEO.

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There isn’t just one single thing that leads to business success. Just like there isn’t one single thing that leads to business failure.

Nailing your social media strategy means nothing if you have a service that doesn’t get clients the results you’re promising. Having a service offering that provides amazing results means nothing if that offer isn’t right for your audience. Having a huge audience means nothing for your financial success if you don’t actually have a product or service that can be monetized.

A combination of things and conditions have to exist in order for your business to be successful. I’m not saying that to overwhelm you but so that while you’re reading the rest of this blog post, you’re aware that SEO is just one piece of the puzzle; it’s just one thing that has power over the success of your web design business.

There’s a reason why I’m emphasizing the power SEO has over your business success – because it’s a strategy that most people overlook until they “have the time to focus on something that isn’t money generating.” That right there, the fact that SEO isn’t money generating, is actually a bunch of bullsh*t.

So without further ado…

How SEO Has the Power to Grow Your Web Design Business

There are many specific ways that SEO has power over your web design business success but I want to focus on three.

Increases Your Visibility and Makes You an Authority in Your Industry and Niche

Learning about SEO allows you to not only implement those strategies into your client’s websites but also into your own website.

Having a website that is optimized for search engines and specific keywords increases your visibility within your industry and niche. When your ideal client types “web designer for health coaches” into Google’s search bar and your optimized services page appears in the first page of search results, you’re going to get more eyes on your website. You’re going to get more credible leads coming your way.

Your authority within your industry and niche will also increase because as more people learn about who you are and what you offer via search results, your name will start getting tossed around the industry. Your name will come flying off of a health coach’s tongue (for example) the minute someone says, “I really need a website for my health coaching business.”

An increase in visibility and perceived authority are much easier to get when your website appears in the top search results for a web designer in your industry or niche.

Higher Package Prices and Yearly Revenue

I’m not into package stuffing. Adding a whole bunch of features to your packages to be able to raise your prices or more easily land a client doesn’t work like you think it does. (It actually doesn’t work at all when it comes to landing your ideal client.)

Adding SEO to your packages isn’t package stuffing though. You’re already building the website and doing everything that an SEO specialist would be doing – odds are, you’re just not doing it totally correctly right now. Once you know how to correctly optimize a website using basic SEO, adding “Basic SEO” to your packages isn’t package stuffing – it’s just listing an additional value you’re providing to your clients.

The more value your client’s are receiving through your services, the more you can and should be charging. With “Basic SEO” added to the list of benefits your client will receive by working with you, your package prices can be increased which in turn will increase your total yearly revenue, too!

Bigger Impact on Your Client’s Success

I sent an email to my email list one day asking them why they wanted to work for themselves – why they wanted to own a profitable web design business. Here are a couple of the responses I got:

“I’m part of a community and as a member of that community it’s my responsibility and gift to work with others so we can all be successful because working together we all rise!”

“I genuinely want to help others be successful and I know this is how I can do that. I also want to make a high enough income to feel independent. After so many years as a stay at home parent I’m ready to work, but still have the freedom of spending time with my children.”

Including SEO in your packages and truly optimizing your client’s websites for search engines can help you impact your client’s success in an even bigger way. You are already increasing your client’s authority within their industry and niche by designing and building a website that portrays them as the expert they are. You can also increase your client’s visibility by making specific changes in your web design process to account for basic SEO.

Running your own profitable web design business doesn’t only have to impact yourself. It can impact your client’s, too.


The power SEO has over your web design business is amazing and that’s why you should be learning everything you can about optimizing the websites you’re designing and building for search engines. Doing so will allow you to optimize your own website as well which will increase your visibility and authority within your industry and niche. Including SEO in your packages will allow you to increase your package prices and yearly revenue. And you’ll be playing an even bigger role in your client’s business success.



  1. Paula

    Yes! So many people overlook SEO. But I know it works. SEO is what kept my business going last year when I let most of my marketing go because of Covid stress.

    • Kristen Leigh

      I love to hear that SEO is what kept your business going during the stress of COVID, Paula!!


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