May 2019 WordPress Web Design Business Recap

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | April 2019 Recap of My WordPress Web Design Business

May 2019 WordPress Web Design business Recap

June is over halfway done and I completely forgot to do a May recap, oops!

I bit off way more than I could chew in May between working on 3 web design projects, going through modules of Web Design Classifieds with my students, going through Melyssa Griffin’s List Surge to help grow my email list and signing up for Teachable’s Creative Challenge (which didn’t start until June – hence, the forgetting to do a May recap!).

All. the. things!

And if I learned anything, way too many things. These things spilled over into June and I’m just now re-prioritizing and figuring out what is most important, what needs to be done first.

But let’s start with a finance breakdown first!

2018 + 2019 Comparison (projects + Finances)

Last month I mentioned that April was a slump. It was a down in the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. May, on the other hand, was abso-freakin-lutely awesome!

Here’s a breakdown of projects

May 2018

I had a total of 5 clients in May 2018. They were broken down like this:

  • Web design projects: 0
  • Email marketing projects: 1
  • Monthly support: 4

May 2019

In May 2019, I also had a total of 5 clients:

  • Web design projects: 2
  • Email marketing projects: 0
  • Monthly support: 3

Now for the financial comparison


Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | April Finance Comparison


My revenue increased by 247.22% (when comparing to May 2018).


Here’s a recap of the expenses I had in May:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (best thing I’ve ever purchased)
  • Gsuite
  • Pinterest Management
  • Teachable
  • Deadline Funnels (not sure about this one being worth the money yet)
  • SEO

What worked for me in may 2019

doing an interview for a membership site

Marketing as an introvert can be really uncomfortable. “Be vulnerable in Facebook groups,” “go live on Instagram,” “do a Facebook live and teach people something.” These are just some pieces of advice I hear being tossed around all the time when someone asks how to find more clients. But as an introvert, all these things sound scary at first.

Being vulnerable in Facebook groups 

I learned how to do that but I’ve yet to go live on Instagram (probably never will) or on Facebook (baby steps). But one thing I did that was way out of my comfort zone was do an interview for a membership site run by The Merriweather Council.

(Full disclosure: I do email marketing for her so I’m very comfortable with her already.)

The interview hasn’t gone live yet but I landed a client from the interview right away, Danielle, the owner of The Merriweather Council! At the end of our interview she said, “I’ve decided I need to hire you to redesign my website.”

I wasn’t doing the interview to land her as a web design client so it was totally unexpected! I was doing the interview to help her further explain to her clients why they need their own website instead of relying just on Etsy. And then how to optimize their website to convert visitors into paying customers.

The interview hasn’t gone live yet but it has already been totally worth stepping out of my comfort zone.

having group calls with my web design classifieds students

I’ve mentioned the online course I’m building a few times now. The videos were being recorded as students went through the content. So when they were on module 1, I was recording module 2. While they were on module 2, I was recording module 3. This helped keep me motivated to get the content recorded because there were women depending on me!

We also had 5 group calls where they could ask questions, tell me about their wins and, and voice what they were struggling with in their web design businesses. Using the information from those calls, I recorded more videos and created cheatsheets, worksheets, checklists, etc. that touched on their pain points and helped them solve problems.

This was the best method for me to make sure I was providing what they need to continue growing their web design businesses. I highly recommend if you’re building your first online course to have group calls so you can gather feedback in real-time. You don’t even have to keep the group calls after your BETA launch (I’m not!).

updating my pinterest graphics

A few months ago I hired a Pinterest manager to help me grow my Pinterest account and get more traffic to my website. She recommended that I take a look at the graphics I was creating for my account and revamp them a bit.

We went through a couple rounds of designs before she gave me a-okay but now they’re awesome! My Pins are performing much better now that I have a variety of images that speak to my ideal client design-wise and through the titles.

What I Learned in may 2019

Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

There’s one big takeaway I have from May and it’s to always prioritize. Here are the things I was trying to balance all at once:

  • Writing copy for one website
  • Making edits for a second website
  • Onboarding a new web design client
  • Recording videos for Web Design Classifieds
  • Creating PDFs for Web Design Classifieds
  • Having group calls with my Web Design Classifieds students
  • Going through Melyssa Griffin’s List Surge
  • Creating a resource library for web designers
  • Posting on Facebook daily
  • Writing blog posts

It was too much and like I said before, it spilled into June so this month has looked pretty hectic, too. I felt like I wasn’t really accomplishing anything because I was taking baby steps on a bunch of things instead of finishing one thing at a time.

I’m taking what I’ve learned the past two months about taking on way too much and prioritizing July like this:

Priority One

Work on current web design projects (design and launch 2, the third will most likely be launched in August).

Priority Two

Re-record all of the Web Design Classifieds videos and then officially launch the course on Teachable.

Priority Three

Marketing with the help of my new business partner (more on that in my June recap!).

Ongoing Priority

NOT RANDOMLY SIGNING UP FOR MORE COURSES (hold me to this someone, please!!!!).

Less things and more strategic planning on my part is my goal for the end of June and all of July. For the rest of the year if I’m being honest!

What was your May like? Were you all over the place like me, too or were the gold medalist for having your priorities straight? Let me know, seriously. If you deserved that gold medal let me know your strategies for keeping your priorities straight!


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