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March 2019 WordPress web design business recap

March came and went in the blink of an eye and was jam packed with web design work! This past month further solidified that I absolutely love designing and building websites start to finish. Especially when my clients are as passionate about their businesses as I am about helping them build a website that not only represents their brand personality but attracts and converts clients.

While I loved the work I did this month, I also learned a lot about scheduling projects and balancing projects and marketing.

So let’s start the March 2019 WordPress web design business recap with a financial comparison between March of 2018 and March of 2019 before diving into what I learned this past month.

2018 + 2019 Comparison (projects + Finances)

Last month I had mentioned that February was my best month in business to-date. March took a little dip but not in a bad way. I was so busy designing and building websites that my marketing plan took a bit of a hit.

With all that said, I still outperformed last year by 262%!

Here’s a breakdown of projects

March 2018

I had a total of 3 clients in March 2018. They were broken down like this:

  • Web design projects: 0
  • Email marketing projects: 1
  • Monthly support: 2

March 2019

In March 2019, I had a total of 5 (new) clients + 1 student broken down like this:

  • Web design projects: 1
  • Email marketing projects: 1
  • Monthly support: 3
  • Web Design Classifieds student: 1

Now for the financial comparison


Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | March Finance Comparison

My revenue increased by 262% (when comparing to March 2018). With an increase in revenue, came an increase in expenses as well. More on that below!

What i learned in march 2019

Usually in these monthly recaps I talk about what worked for me, what didn’t, and what I learned. But this past month I spent a majority of my time working on 3 web design projects so instead of what worked and what didn’t… I’m just going to chat about what I learned during such a busy month.

It was time to hire (why my expenses increased)

I launched one website, got halfway through the copywriting process for another project, and designed the wireframes and mocks for a third project. All while keeping up with my 3 monthly retainer clients and designing a ConvertKit email template for a past client!

Because of all this work, my marketing took a hit. Luckily I realized early on in the month that this was going to happen so I started looking for a couple of people to help me. By the end of the month, I had 2 new people hired (thank goodness!).

Now I have one person helping me with Facebook, email marketing, and cold lead messaging and another doing Pinterest management. So grateful for finding these two ladies to help me out!

With them on board and basically taking over those areas completely, I’ll have more time to focus on web design projects and nurturing relationships with potential leads.

It was time to rethink my availability

When I first started my business, I was signing people on for a start date that was convenient for them. After a while I got too busy and realized I needed to set specific start dates I would be available. This would help me have a consistent schedule and prioritize what needs to be done. So I landed on 2-3 start dates (for web design projects per month) or 24-36 projects per year (RIDICULOUS now that I think back on this!). This eventually turned into 2 start dates per month (every other week) or 24 projects per year (still ridiculous in my mind).

But now I’m trimming this down even more. Starting 2 projects every month was too much to balance because each project would seep into the next month. So instead of working on 2 web design projects, I was working on 3 or 4.

I’ve changed my availability now to take on only 1 project per month (12 projects max per year). When someone signs on they get to pick from any Monday in that month to start but they’re the only client who will start that month. This allows me to focus on them more and finish their project faster. It also creates more space between beginning new web design projects and gives me more time to focus on nurturing potential leads and creating content.

This also means that my availability is limited – so if you’ve been reading my content, scrolling through my portfolio, and thinking about scheduling that FREE strategy call – now’s the time to do it because I only have 9 spots left for the entire year!

Schedule Your FREE Strategy Call

Use the form below to schedule your FREE 30 minute strategy call where we will dive into your business goals and struggles to determine how your website can be designed to help you reach those goals (and eliminate those struggles)!

It was time to launch a passive income stream

I’ve mentioned before how I’m launching an online course, Web Design Classifieds – well this month I launched the BETA program!

Web Design Classifieds is a course for web designers who want to build high-end websites and charge more for their services. I’m so excited for the people who have joined the BETA program so far! They’re getting 4 group calls and unlimited access to me so they can ask all their web design business questions to me and get them answered.

We’re starting on April 22nd so there’s still time to enroll if you’re a web design who is ready to differentiate themselves from the rest of the web design industry and have the tools you need to raise your prices and easily land clients.

Join the interest list here if you want more information!

I launched this program not only to help other women grow their web design businesses but to start a passive income stream for myself. This seemed like the perfect month to get it rolling and I can’t wait to see the ladies inside the course!

recap + looking forward

Not every month has to be full of booking projects and hitting $10k. Some months are meant for finishing projects and learning how to better prioritize so you have a good balance between working on projects, marketing, nurturing leads, and having a life.

So I may not have hit $10k this month but compared to last year I did SO good! And I learned a ton, hired two people, and found a balance between projects and marketing that will work well for me.

Here’s a look into April:


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