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How to Start a Software Developer Career in 2020

Much like web design the software development field continues to grow. If you are laid off from work, starting a career, or looking to switch careers, read on to learn how to start a software development career in 2020.

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The demand for qualified software developers has continued to increase as our society becomes more and more reliant on technology, specifically mobile applications.

Software developers build and maintain the software we use every day. This means software developers are in demand across the globe and can earn impressive salaries.

So, how do you become a software developer? Below we will answer that question by exploring types of software developers and how to train to become one.

What is a Software Developer?

A software designer builds and maintains software. Software designers ensure programs run as intended and write code. They develop applications for a variety of technologies, from smart home devices to mobile phones. Let’s take a look at just a few different types of software developers before moving onto how you can become a software developer.

Software Developer

Software developers use programming languages such as Java, C++, and Python to create apps. They work on the front-end and back-end of these applications. This means they have a hand in what the user sees and how the application operates.

Security Engineer

Users expect their apps to be secure. This means software developers must be capable of security engineering – the practice of creating systems, methods, and policies to ensure the application has no security flams. 

Quality Assurance Engineer

Software developers must also review, test, and maintain software. This is where quality assurance engineers come in. This part of the process involves ensuring the development team’s quality of code is up to par. In order to do so, these engineers will create code standards and policies.

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How to Become a Software Developer?

You could follow a few different paths to reach this goal, such as pursuing a degree in computer science at a college or university, teaching yourself to code or the more popular option these days, attending a coding bootcamp.

Coding Bootcamps

It was once believed only college graduates could become professional software developers, but that is no longer the case. Coding bootcamps have grown in popularity. 

In a coding bootcamp, you’ll learn all the practical skills you need to succeed as a software developer in only a few months, rather than a few years at a university.

At a Coding bootcamps, you’ll work with mentors and instructors to learn new skills, and build a portfolio of projects which showcase your skills and abilities to employers.

In the meantime, you should start learning from professional developers by reviewing their code. Dive deep into their code and learn how it functions. You can even try tweaking it.

Of course, you won’t be able to do this unless you understand the language the professional developer has used to write the code. This brings us to the next step.

Learn a Programming Language

Don’t stress when presented with which code you should learn as once you learn one, it’s much easier to transition to the next.

But which code should you start with? Ruby on Rails? Python? Or Java? These are just a few options, and with so many out there, it can be daunting. The best course of action is to start with the easiest ones.  The easiest programming languages are:

  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • C/C++

Many newbies choose to start with Ruby, as it’s more readable, making it easier to learn. It’s also open-source, meaning you can access many tools and reach out to many other developers to aid you in your studies.

Build Connections and Projects

Once you have a handle on a programming language and have chosen a coding bootcamp to attend, the next step is to build your network so you can lean on other developers for support.

With that network establish, it’s crucial you begin building your own applications, this way you’ll have a strong portfolio to show potential employers in the future.


How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh


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