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How to Get Web Design Clients Fast

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve launched your web design business and don’t know how to find clients! Marketing your business is a struggle all new business owners can relate to! We’ve all been there! I’m here to show you how to get web design clients fast. Before you know it you’ll be marketing your business like a boss and raking in the moolah.

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If I had a quarter for every time someone told me they needed help finding clients (and asap), I would be rich! It’s that inevitable question… “how to get web design clients fast?” that seem to stump a lot of web designers.

Well, you’re in luck! I’ve pulled together 4 simple strategies to help you land your next web design client quickly. Without further ado…

Reach Out to Business Owners You Personally Know

This strategy helped me a lot when I first shifted from offering virtual assistant services to focusing mainly on web design. In fact, I landed two clients in a matter of weeks by using this strategy.

Quite often we’re afraid to reach out to people we know because we don’t want to seem salesy or pushy and we definitely don’t want to feel like we’re mooching off our friends and family. If you started your business to be independent, I can see how having your friend or family member pay you to build them a website feels like the exact opposite of independence.

The thing is, by not reaching out to business owners you personally know and offering to either a) build them a website or b) redesign their website, you’re doing a disservice to them – especially if you can tell their current websites isn’t a shining gem that’s bringing in the customers and moolah.

Reaching out to a handful of business owners you already know personally (so they’re warm leads who know who you are and they like you – don’t reach out to people who don’t like you… that’s asking for trouble!) is a great way to get a new web design client fast.

Sure, you may not hear back from everyone or everyone may not say yes, but even if they don’t say yes right now, you’ve put a bug in their ear. They now know you design websites and they’re going to start thinking about whether or not their website really is working for them in its current state. Hmm… future client?

Follow Up with Past Leads

Inside of my Gmail account I have a folder titled “leads” and within that folder are subfolders titled “cold leads” and “lost leads.” These people fall into two categories.

  1. I sent a cold email to them at one point in time where I pitched a freebie (I never pitch my web design services to cold leads because it has an expensive $4.5k price tag on it and I wouldn’t expect a complete stranger to pay that without getting to know me first).
  2. I had a sales call with them at some point in time and they didn’t move forward with working with me for whatever reason.
How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh

Just because someone doesn’t reply to your email or someone doesn’t move forward with your services after a sales call, it doesn’t mean they’re a lost sale. It could mean a handful of things.

  • They were busy when you sent the cold email and they didn’t even see it.
  • At the time they didn’t need a new website so your email was irrelevant to them.
  • Your web design prices were too high for them at their current stage of business.
  • They were fearful of investing in their business because they didn’t have the confidence to succeed.

These people may no longer be too busy to read your email. They may now be in dire need of a new website. Your prices may be within reach now because their business is booming. Their fears have disappeared because they landed their first, second, third, and fourth clients.

Following up with cold leads, past leads, lost leads – whatever you want to call them – is a great way to reconnect with people who already know you and introduce yourself to people who don’t know who you are yet. Circling back is a great way to land another web design client fast.

White Label for Other Designers

Something I like to talk about is how every single web designer is different. Because of this, some web designers don’t have the capacity or skill to build websites for each client that reaches out to them.

This is where white labeling comes in. White labeling is when you work underneath another designer’s brand name to build a website.

So a Squarespace designer who doesn’t specialize in WordPress may have a WordPress expert white label for them in order to land a client who insists on a WordPress website. A web designer who is completely booked out for months and months may bring on another designer to white label for them so they don’t have to turn any interested leads away.

You may not be able to add the project to your portfolio (depends on what you and the designer you’re working for decide) but it’s a great way to land more clients quickly, make some extra money and improve your design skills.

How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh

Ask for Referrals from Past Clients

Even if you’re not in desperate need of a client and you aren’t looking to land a web design client asap, asking for referrals from past clients is a strategy that should be part of your standard workflow. Kind of like how collecting content from your client is a standard practice, so should be asking for a testimonial and sharing your referral program.

The best way a happy client can show their gratitude is by referring their friends, family, and other business owners to you. This is great for you because it will allow you to land new clients without having to search for them.

Some past clients may refer others to you without incentive but others may need a little push. You could easily offer a $50 or $100 gift card or just hard cold cash for each client you land from their referral. $50 off a $1500 package price is nothing – especially if it means you didn’t have to spend your time marketing yourself. (Personally, I offer $400 when a past client refers someone to me and they sign on for my $4.5k package).

Getting Web Design Clients Fast vs. Getting a Steady Flow of the Right Web Design Clients

Sure, everyone wants to start their web design business and immediately have an overflow of interest for their services. Unfortunately, that’s not reality. If someone does launch their business and have an abundance of interest, odds are they were freelancing as a web designer on platforms like UpWork way before they officially launched their business.

All that to say, don’t get discouraged if you launch your business and don’t immediately land a client.

The best way to start and grow a web design business that is going to last, be successful, and profitable is by using long-term marketing strategies that meet your ideal client where they’re at. These strategies will create a consistent base of inquiries and will eliminate your need for researching “how to get web design clients fast” in Google. 


How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh


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