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How Learning SEO Can Make You a Better Web Designer

Not only is learning and implementing SEO as a web designer beneficial to your client but learning SEO can make you a better web designer, too.

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Last week I wrote an entire blog post about the importance of SEO in business and whether or not businesses should be focusing on SEO. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t but, if you’re short on time then the quick recap is: Yes! Every business that has a website should be focusing on optimizing their sites for search engines.

As a web designer, this puts you in a unique position. You’re designing and building the website which means you have power over a search engine’s first impression of a website. If you don’t understand how monumental that is then I really recommend you read last week’s blog post about the importance of SEO.

Improving web design with SEO

Design Faster Websites

When you as a web designer start learning more about SEO you’ll see that site speed is a huge factor when it comes to Google ranking websites for specific keyword searches. A designer who understands SEO will follow a certain set of rules and strategies to improve site speed and ensure each of their client’s websites load faster.

Web designers that understand SEO: Design websites that are super speedy.

Design More Visually Appealing Websites

Designers that learn and understand SEO as it relates to web design also know that the user experience is another huge factor that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites for specific keyword searches. A website that isn’t visually pleasing and that doesn’t meet the user’s expectations, won’t rank high in search results.

Web designers that understand SEO: Design websites that make visitors want to engage and return.

Better at Designing Mobile-Friendly Websites

As you learn more about SEO-friendly websites you begin to understand just how important the mobile version of a website really is. Google has begun prioritizing websites that are mobile-friendly over websites that aren’t. THAT is how important it is that web designers design mobile-friendly websites.

As you learn more about SEO and what makes a mobile site “friendly”, not only are the websites you design going to be more visually appealing but the mobile version will be more engaging and functional.

Web designers that understand SEO: Design mobile websites that keep visitors engaged longer.


Learning SEO can make you a better web designer and trust me it will. One that designs faster websites that are more visually appealing and that have a user-friendly mobile design and functionalities. The better you are at designing websites, the easier it will be to land clients and have those clients send other business owners your way!



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