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Why You Should Use the Divi Theme in Your Web Design Business

Ten good reasons why the Divi Theme and Page Builder by Elegant Themes is the best tool to use as a WordPress web designer.

Divi Theme | Kristen Leigh

Updated: March 26, 2021

Pepsi or Coke?

iPhone or Android?

Coffee or Tea?

Burger King or McDonalds?

Backstreet Boys or Nsync?

WordPress or Squarespace?

For me, those answers are super easy: Coke, Android, Tea, Burger King, Nsync, WordPress…

Another good one is which page builder to use as a web designer once you’ve selected WordPress as your CMS.

Page Builders are Like Fast Food

Before we get there though, I want to talk about fast food. (Stick with me here! I promise this relates to which WordPress page builder is the best.)

During my freshman year of high school the health teacher had us watch Super Size Me. If you’ve never heard of this movie before, it’s all about a guy who lived off McDonald’s fast food. Whenever a McDonald’s employee would say “would you like to supersize that?” he was required to say “yes.”

The movie follows his health journey and explains what happens to fast food once it’s in your stomach. Let’s just say… it’s disgusting and the movie had a huge impact on my life. For years I refused to eat fast food of any kind unless it was literally the only option. It wasn’t until I started traveling full time that I began sparingly eating fast food again because of its convenience.

Before I watched Super Size Me I favored McDonalds. Something about the sogginess of their french fries had me addicted to them. Or that’s what I thought the reasoning was. Turns out I was addicted to them for a different reason that I didn’t learn about until I became vegan.

In the United States, McDonald’s French Fries contain both beef and milk which gives them a unique taste and makes them pretty addictive. Along with their fries, their veggie burger isn’t vegan-friendly either because it contains milk.

Burger King on the other hand came out with the Impossible Whopper (vegan) and keeps their french fries animal and animal-by-product free. Because of my lifestyle, my values and what I deem important, I now favor Burger King when I’m in a pinch and need a quick bite to eat.

My lifestyle values guide me toward specific restaurant joints while my business values guide me toward a specific page builder: The Divi Theme and Page Builder by Elegant Themes.

Full disclosure: I’ve used other page builders and WordPress themes before so I’m not making a blind statement when saying that Divi is the best choice for web designers who have similar values as me.

How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh

Benefits of Using the Divi Theme

Ask any web designer what the benefits are of using their page builder of choice and they’ll most likely have a list a mile long. Rather than overwhelm you, I’m sharing the most important benefits of using the Divi Theme and Page Builder.


My belief: Every business owner deserves a website that is unique to their brand personality.

As web designers we need to do better than designing websites that look exactly the same as the website we launched one month ago or the same website we saw on Pinterest and “drew inspiration” from. If you want to do that – build and sell templates.

The Divi builder makes it so you’re not stuck with a grid-like wireframe which means you can completely brand and customize your client’s website in a way that makes their business stand out from their competitors.

No Coding Knowledge Required

My belief: Spending months or years on coding education isn’t the answer to building websites.

Using the Divi Theme as a new web designer is one of the easiest ways to launch your business because no coding knowledge is required. Every single element (text, images, buttons, forms, icons, etc.) can be manipulated to look a certain way without any HTML, CSS, or javascript.

While coding knowledge isn’t required, you always have the option of adding code to any element. The ability to add code modules is also available so you can easily add in an email optin form or another piece of code if needed.

Drag and Drop Visual Editing

My belief: There’s nothing better than providing clients with a tool they can easily use without needing to hire a web designer for ongoing maintenance.

Divi is built to have drag and drop capabilities not only in the front-end but also the back-end. That means you as the web designer can see the design come to life visually on the front-end and you also have the ability to design in the back-end.

For clients, the front-end drag and drop visual builder makes it ridiculously easy for them to make a quick copy or image change without needing to email you a million questions. Since building my very first website years ago, I can count on one hand how many, “can you explain to me how to do xyz” emails I’ve received. It’s web designer and client friendly.

Copy and Paste Functionality

My belief: If there’s an easy solution for something, we should be using it.

One of the cooler (IMO) Divi functionalities is a handy copy and paste tool that allows you to copy and paste anything from one page to another, one section to another, one row to another, and one module to another.

Let’s say you spent 15 minutes perfecting the padding on the primary banner of the homepage and now you have to do it on the about page, services page, contact page, blog page, etc. Oof! Talk about time consuming…

Instead of spending 15 minutes adjusting and perfecting the padding on each page, you can instead copy the settings from one page and paste them onto another page. This functionality saves you so much time and it’s something I use every time I build a new website or even just add a new page to a current client’s existing site.

Global Elements

My belief: Working more hours and making things more complicated doesn’t make you a better web designer. Working smarter does.

Elements like optin forms and workshop sign ups will appear on multiple pages of a website and a lot of times they’re identical designs. As a designer, you could copy and paste an email opt-in form from one page onto another but then what happens if the client wants to adjust the copy on those forms sitewide?

You’d have to adjust every single one individually. Talk about a time suck.

Using global elements you’re able to create one email opt-in form, insert it anywhere on the website and only have to adjust one of them in order for the edit to take place sitewide. This can be used for anything! Email opt-in forms, pricing information, scheduling buttons, workshop signups, etc.

How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh

A/B Testing Capable

My belief: Our feelings as business owners aren’t more important than what the data says.

While A/B testing isn’t something that many businesses use, it’s something I encourage you to use in your web design business. Knowing what type of content your clients react to and engage with allows you to optimize your website for higher engagement and conversions.

The Divi Theme and Page Builder allows you to do A/B testing on different pages and even within the content itself. It can be a gamechanger not only for your website and business but also for any websites that you maintain on an ongoing basis.


My belief: Building a website is expensive already and if we as web designers can eliminate some of those costs for our clients, we should.

A common complaint I hear from new web designers about Divi is how expensive it is. Every time I hear this I want to shout from a rooftop, “that’s a complete myth!” Let me break it down for you.

There are two payment options for Divi – $89 per year or a one-time fee of $249. While $89 per year is obviously less expensive, you should see the $249 one-time fee as the no-brainer option.

“But what if my business fails after a year or what if I change my mind after 2 years? I will have saved money by paying yearly.”

The Divi Theme and Page Builder comes with an unlimited use license. You can literally use your one account for every single website you build – whether it’s your own personal web design business website or a website for your client. You will be saving your client $89 per year or a one-time fee of $249 when you message your services as including a complimentary theme.

Now you’re not only saving your clients money but your package is even juicer which means, you can charge more for your services. By charging more for your services, all you need to do is land one or two clients for the Divi theme to pay for itself.

When you purchase the yearly plan, you and your clients won’t receive lifetime support or theme updates. If after a year you decide to cancel your plan, you’ll have to send your clients an email letting them know they need to purchase Divi on their own. Kind of a shitty situation to put your clients in if you ask me!

In reality, Divi is one of the most affordable web design page builder platforms you can get your hands on and for the amount of functionality you receive for that one subscription, it’s well worth it. So mark this down as another great reason why you should use the Divi Theme in your web design business.

Ecommerce Ready

My belief: A website should be able to grow as a business grows without needing major rebuilds every single year.

Online shopping is the way of the future and because of that you’ll most likely have clients that want an ecommerce shop set up right away while some will want an ecommerce shop set up in the future.

An unfortunate situation to put your clients in is building a website that isn’t ecommerce ready. Building a website that would require them to have a totally new website built as their business grows and expands isn’t appealing to the client.

A website built using the Divi Theme and Page Builder can easily grow and expand as a business grows and expands – even if that growth includes the addition of an eCommerce shop. Divi can very easily integrate with different eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce and still maintain the same level of design and functionality.

Device Responsive

My belief: Mobile is more important than desktop. (This isn’t even a belief, it’s actually something Google has made statements about in regards to prioritizing websites for search.)

When I very first added web design into my service offerings as a virtual assistant, I took on a redesign project for a website built using WPBakery. One of my biggest beefs with the WPBakery builder was how difficult it was to make it mobile or tablet responsive without needing to edit every single element individually or needing to know code.

The content would get all jumbled up and would look terrible compared to the desktop version. Fortunately, with Divi this doesn’t happen! The Divi Theme and Page Builder is 100% mobile and tablet responsive which means no matter which device a website visitor uses, your website or your client’s website will always look it’s best.

How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh

Continuous Improvements

My belief: Technology and consumers are changing at equal rates so everything we invest in should value continuous change.

The best thing about investing in the Divi Theme and Page Builder is that the Elegant Themes team is always working hard to improve the tool they have developed. The team is constantly pushing out updates and sending out video tutorials on how to use the new features and functionalities.

It’s like the weather in New England… if you don’t like it, just wait a minute. It’s bound to change (for the better).

If there’s something missing in the Divi theme, just wait a minute. The Elegant Themes team is bound to add it in.

Consequences of Using the Divi Theme

There are only two (yes seriously!) consequences of using the Divi theme in my opinion and I don’t even see them as reasons not to use this builder in your web design business. (If I did, I wouldn’t use it in my own business!)


It’s a well known fact that Divi uses shortcodes in their theme. Everything is built with a shortcode which does mean getting rid of Divi and moving to a different theme is more difficult than switching from one theme to another typically is.

Here’s why this isn’t a deal breaker for me:

Look at the benefits list! Divi is one of the most customizable, flexible, and growth oriented themes I’ve ever come in contact with. You and your clients should never have a need to move away from Divi because it grows well with a business.

Shortcodes or no shortcodes… when you decide to implement the Divi theme in your business, on your website, or on your client’s websites, you’re making the decision to provide you and your clients with the best page builder that will allow their business to grow and be portrayed as the brand they are.

Learning Curve

There’s a lot to Divi! There are so many functionalities and capabilities not only on a module level but on a row level, section level and sitewide. This means that the possibilities for a website’s design are literally endless. But obviously, this also means that there is a learning curve associated with building Divi websites.

Here’s why this isn’t a deal breaker for me:

Fortunately, Divi has an extensive resource library. Their website includes a blog full of resources that teach you how to use each feature and functionality within the page builder. Every time they make an improvement they record a video and publish a blog post to teach you exactly what you need to know about that feature or functionality. And if you can’t find the answer to your question in a blog post… their customer support team is pretty awesome, too!

I encourage you to take Divi for a spin as a web design business owner. Never have I promoted a product or service before that hasn’t changed my life in some way. Divi by Elegant Themes is hands down the best WordPress page builder and theme you will ever get your hands on.


How to Make Web Design a Number One Source of Income Without Any Previous Web Design Skills | Free Training | Kristen Leigh


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