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Ditch Your Day Job With These 3 Habits

Starting an online business while working 9-5 is tough. It’s made harder when you focus what little time you have on the wrong things. These 3 habits will help you ditch your day job so you can be your own boss and start living your best life.

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The beginning of entrepreneurship looks similar for most people: working a full-time job (or multiple part-time jobs) during the day and working on your business for just a couple hours at night and on the weekends. Basically, you have limited time to dedicate to your business because you’re juggling all the things to make ends meet while pursuing your dreams.

There’s nothing worse than spending the limited time you have to work on your business, working on the wrong things.⁠

I know that you know what I mean…⁠

The wrong things include things like:

  • Researching how to do something for the 8th time because you’re still not confident that you’ll do it right the very first time (…do any of us?)
  • Stalking a successful business owner to see what they’re doing and how you can replicate it because if it works for someone else it will work for you, too (…but will it?)
  • Making small adjustments to your website that you seem to fiddle with constantly because it’s not perfect (…it never will be – especially in the eyes of a web designer like yourself!)

Those things won’t help you ditch your day job and turn your side hustle into a full time gig.⁠ No, those things are tactics you’ve developed to delay your success. Yes, you read that right. When you do things over and over again that don’t bring you closer to your goal you’re subconsciously self-sabotaging yourself; you’re subconsciously delaying your success and keeping yourself from quitting your 9-5 job for that CEO title.

Rather than waste the limited time you already have doing things that won’t bring you closer to your goals, you need to be spending time doing 3 non-negotiable things. These 3 non-negotiable things should be done every single week.

Do something that makes you money

This should be pretty obvious since you can’t quit your 9-5 or proudly wear the CEO crown without a business that legitimately generates income. Each week you should be doing at least one thing that brings you a step closer to generating money. That does not include fiddling with your website! (It’s fine as it is – leave it alone already!)

Something that makes you money includes setting up a freelancer profile, bidding on a project, sending a pitch or proposal to a warm lead, or scheduling a free consultation.⁠ These steps have a direct relationship with you being closer to sending an invoice.

Do something that makes things easier

Solopreneurs (someone who works for themself without any outside help from contractors or employees) wear a lot of hats. You’re the visionary who brainstorms all the ideas, you’re the copywriter that writes all the copy, you’re the designer who designs all the promotional material, and you’re the virtual assistant that schedules everything.

The key to surviving and thriving as a solopreneur… automation and scheduling.

Each week you should be doing something to automate a process, schedule materials in advance, or simply make your everyday business processes easier. This could include creating email drafts of responses to common questions you get, setting up automatic invoicing for payment plans, and scheduling your entire life in Asana.⁠

Do something you enjoy.⁠

Probably the most important thing you can do each week is something you enjoy. But wait, this is important! The “something” you enjoy cannot be business related!

You can’t run a successful business without filling up your cup! Seriously. Take time off, relax, watch a movie, roller skate… do something fun!⁠ Do something you enjoy that allows you to decompress from your grueling 50+ hour work week.

⁠Doing these 3 things every. single. week. will help you reach your goals quicker and keep you from quitting your dreams before you reach the good part – quitting your job!⁠


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