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Gill Smyth’s artist and painter WordPress website was built using the Divi theme and page builder. This eCommerce site layout is your daily dose of web design inspiration.

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gill smyth artist and painter website design

One of my favorite things about owning my own business is being able to work with men and women around the globe. I’m not restricted to working with people in my office, in my state, or even in America. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with business owners from Ireland, England, Australia, and America.

This project was no exception! Gill Smyth is an Irish painter who was referred to me by one of my other client’s (also an Irish artist). Some business owners choose to niche down and work with businesses within in a single industry (so painting for example). I prefer to work with business owners from all types of industries but who have similar overall business goals – to attract and convert more leads so they can A) make more money and B) work less.

Building Gill Smyth’s first ever website was the first time I’ve built a website in an industry I had already built a website in before. Róisín O’Farrell’s site was the first artist and painter website design I created on WordPress. Having her refer someone to me was the biggest compliment I could have received and it was fun to design another artist’s website.

website goal

I always start out a project by asking my client what their main goal is for their website. What are they striving for in their business? What are they struggling with? Is there some way we can eliminate their struggles all while helping them reach their goals using just their website?

Gill Smyth’s goal was to eliminate the work she was doing processing orders. Her process for taking orders was pretty convoluted and super time consuming because she didn’t have a website or centralized place for people to purchase. Instead, she was emailing back and forth with interested customers and manually collecting payments over the phone.

I want to let you in on a little secret: the more steps someone has to take to make a purchase, the less likely they are to purchase.

Another secret: the harder it is for someone to make a purchase, the less likely they are to purchase.

Gill Smyth’s interested clientele were having to jump through hoops to purchase one of her paintings. And that isn’t what she wanted! So we fixed that.

what was included in the website design

Like I said, Gill Smyth didn’t have a website so we were starting from scratch. Her budget was small and she also wanted some email marketing help so I created a custom package specifically for her. The package included setting up her Mailchimp account and getting all of her branding imported into the opt-in forms, double opt-in emails, etc. plus, the design and development of 3 website pages and video tutorials to walk her through creating additional pages.

Note: I highly recommend a minimum of 5 pages. Homepage, about page, services/shop page, portfolio/past work page, and contact page. A 3 page website is going to leave website visitors confused and wanting more information which means they’ll be less likely to purchase.

Let’s take a look at the designs!

the designs


Gill really wanted to show off her paintings so every image we used on the homepage is an original piece of art she’s created. She also wanted to grow her email list so we made sure that was front and center when someone landed on her website (peep the opt-in form with the solid background).

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Owen Jacobs Salon and Day Spa Portfolio Piece | Homepage

About Page

Believe it or not an about page is really important. There’s this thing called the know/like/trust factor. Someone must get to know you before they can like you. They must like you before they can trust you. And they must trust you before they will purchase from you. An about page can help strengthen all 3 components of the know/like/trust factor as long as it’s designed correctly.

Gill tells her story perfectly here and really let’s people into her life as a mom and painter.

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Owen Jacobs Salon and Day Spa Portfolio Piece | About

Shop Page

This was the most critical page on the website! Remember how I said she was taking payments manually over the phone? She no longer has to do that!

We turned the shop page into a one-stop-shop for browsing and purchasing her paintings so she can spend more time focusing on painting and less time on processing payments.

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Owen Jacobs Salon and Day Spa Portfolio Piece | Hair Salon Services

And It’s Launched!

I would have loved to design more pages for her but working within her budget didn’t leave room for this. Since her website launched, she’s been able to use the tutorial videos I give to all my clients to add new pages to her website with ease!

If you’re in need of a website, don’t wait, schedule a call here. I’m more than happy to work within your budget!

If you want to see more of the website design you can check it out here or see the website here.


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