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Web Design

Website Builder: WordPress, Squarespace, or Showit

Wondering if you should start a WordPress web design business or a Squarespace web design business? In this blog post I talk about the pros and cons of WordPress vs Squarespace and why you should choose just one as the platform you build websites on.

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Website Builder vs Hand Coding (A Guide for Web Designers)

When it comes to website builder vs hand coding, here’s what you need to know as a web designer about best practices and pricing. It really irks me when people say you need to hand code a website in order to charge X amount of dollars per project. And it makes me...

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Warning Signs of a Difficult Client

There’s almost nothing worse than landing a difficult, challenging or complex client. Instead of working with difficult clients, look out for these warning signs and red flags so you can be sure you only work with your dream client!

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Web Design Pricing Formula

Struggling with web design pricing? Unsure of how much to charge for a website? Kristen from Kristen Leigh has an easy web design pricing formula for you to follow so you can set (and then raise) your web design package prices.

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Divi Footer Tutorial

The footer is a key element of any website. If you’re designing WordPress websites using the Divi theme and page builder, there is a super easy way to create and update a footer. In this blog post, you’ll find a tutorial walking you through how to adjust the layout of the footer an create a beautiful design!

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How to Vertically Center Content in Divi

In this step by step tutorial, you’ll learn the custom CSS you need to vertically center any piece of content using the Divi theme and page builder. This beginner tip is easy and will make a huge difference on your WordPress website layout!

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Web Designer Womxn: An Inclusive Facebook Group for Womxn Web Designers

Finding the right Facebook Group as a female entrepreneur isn’t easy. Kristen from Kristen Leigh shares what she went through while joining web designer groups on Facebook and how that experience motivated her to create Web Designer Women, a safe place for women to ask all their web design questions, share their work, and ask for feedback.

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Ditch Your Day Job With These 3 Habits

Starting an online business while working 9-5 is tough. It's made harder when you focus what little time you have on the wrong things. These 3 habits will help you ditch your day job so you can be your own boss and start living your best life. The beginning of...

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The Biggest Mistake You Can Make with Your Service Offerings as a Web Designer

To land more clients, you need to understand the consumer mind to really know how to package your services. In your web design business, you’re trying to sell high-priced packages all while booking more clients. In this blog post, I explain how your current service offerings are holding you back from growing your business and landing clients with ease.

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How to Improve Your Website Navigation

To increase engagement and website conversion, you have to have a website navigation layout that makes sense. In this blog post, I explain one of the do’s and don’ts of web design and how less is more.

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Web Design Business Outlook | Covid-19

The 2020 pandemic has brought about unique challenges for small business owners. Web design businesses have a chance to thrive so let’s dive into the web design business outlook for covid-19.

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When to Hire a Contractor in Your Web Design Business

Trying to decide when to hire a contractor in your web design business is something every full time business owner needs to address at one point or another. Kristen from Kristen Leigh has some tips on how to build a team including who and when to hire.

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