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Why You Should Avoid New Year’s Resolutions as a Business Owner

The New Year is right around the corner so it’s natural to begin goal setting. Those of us in a business mindset are already thinking about resolutions for the new year. So let me tell you why you should avoid New Year’s resolutions as a business owner, and of course, what you should do instead.

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How to Take Time Off as a Solopreneur

As a female entrepreneur it’s easy to get stuck in a business mindset. It’s important to remember to take breaks and step away from your online business. Check out these 5 tips to show you how to take time off as a solopreneur.

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Ditch Your Day Job With These 3 Habits

Starting an online business while working 9-5 is tough. It's made harder when you focus what little time you have on the wrong things. These 3 habits will help you ditch your day job so you can be your own boss and start living your best life. The beginning of...

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My Experience in Melyssa Griffin’s Bold Abundance Mastermind

My experience in Melyssa Griffin’s Bold Abundance Mastermind has been revolutionary. The benefits of a mastermind group like this range from improving your business mindset to being able to quit your 9-5. Come learn how joining the Bold Abundance Mastermind has transformed my business.

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The Importance of Mastering Your Mindset

When starting an online business you will experience highs and lows. Mastering your mindset will help you handle every situation you encounter. With the right business mindset you’ll be working towards your dreams of being a full time business owner.

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Why I’m Going to Stop Offering Branding and Web Design for Female Entrepreneurs

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur and owning your own business is the flexibility to follow your passions. After being laid off I followed my passions until I started designing websites for female entrepreneurs. I’m following my passions again to help other women figure out what to do when laid off. From now on I’ll be focusing on providing web design courses to help women entrepreneurs find success just as I have.

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How to Talk About Your New Online Business With Friends And Family (And Why You Shouldn’t Care What They Think)

So you’re looking to start an online business, or maybe you already have… or maybe you’re freelancing. Whatever it is, as an entrepreneur it can be tricky to know how to tell your family about your business. Dealing with unsupportive family can cause your web design business or creative business to struggle. Here are 6 tips for starting a business and telling your family about it. Hint: Mindset is everything!

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Starting a Side Hustle While Having a Full-Time Job is a Good Idea

When you make the decision to start a side hustle, the next thing to figure out is when to start a business… Do you balance full time work and your web design business? Or do you quit your 9-5 and focus solely on your new online business? Being an entrepreneur is all about making tough decisions but fortunately, I’m providing you 4 reasons why it’s a good idea to start your side hustle while working a full-time job to help make your decision easier.

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Myth Busted: Freelancing is Less Stable Than Working for Someone Else

Myth vs truth: Starting a business is less stable than working for someone else. Another business myth! If you’ve been wondering what to do when you lose your job and you have this desire to start a business… should you become an entrepreneur, start Googling “freelancing for beginners”, work to create a stable business or take the easy way out and look for another job… let me explain to you why working for someone else isn’t more stable than freelancing.

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What You Can Do During Slow Times in Your Business

Like most businesses, web design and other creative businesses have their seasons and periods of high and low sales. This means, when business is slow, you need to know what to work on. I’ve pulled together a list of 5 ways you can make the most of slow time at work.

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How to Stay Motivated When All You Want to Do is Binge on Netflix

There will come a point in time in your web design business where you just are lacking motivation. In this blog post, I share with you five ways to get motivated to work on your business – taking frequent breaks and creating a designated work area are just a couple of ways to increase your productivity and stop you from binging on Netflix!

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Why You Should Join a Co-Working Space

Working from home and running your own business can get lonely. Your creativity can suffer, your productivity can decrease, and your overall drive as an entrepreneur can take a nosedive. In this blog post, I talk about my own personal co-working space experience and let you in on the benefits of how joining a co-working space can impact your web design business.

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4 Must Read Business Books that Changed the Way I Run My Web Design Business

For all you female entrepreneurs, here’s a list of my 4 favorite business books! These business books are worth reading if you’re thinking about starting a business, already a full time solopreneur, or just looking to spark your creativity. Here’s a sneak peak at the list: Profit First, 4 Hour Workweek, Big Magic, and You Are a Badass.

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