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4 Underrated Divi Modules

The Divi theme and page builder is my absolutely favorite way to design and build WordPress websites. But there are 4 underrated and possibly unknown modules that you have to start using on your WordPress web designs. Use these tips and tutorials to help you build your next website more quickly and efficiently. READ MORE
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My Favorite CSS and HTML for Divi

While the Divi theme and page builder can be used without knowing a single line of code, you can easily add some advanced customization to each WordPress website you build by using my favorite CSS and HTML. Using these code snippets you'll be able to change the layout of your website design with ease! READ MORE
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How to Install Custom Fonts on Divi

The Divi theme and page builder is completely customizable! In this blog post you'll find a step by step tutorial on how to install custom branded fonts into Divi. This means each WordPress website you build is 100% representative of the brand you're working with. READ MORE
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Why You Need a Website

70-80% of people research a company online before deciding to do business with them! If you want to quit your 9-5 and become a full time business owner, having a website for your online business is one of the best marketing strategies you can use. In this post I talk about why every business, solopreneur, and entrepreneur needs a website! READ MORE
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Are rotating banners causing you to lose leads?

You know there are things that you should include on a website but did you know there are design elements that you shouldn't ever put on a website? While rotating banner designs look nice, consumer psychology shows that they are known to cause frustration for your website visitors. READ MORE

2018 Year in Review

2018 was my first full year in business and since I know so many entrepreneurs starting out are curious about what works for others and what doesn’t, I thought I would give a recap of my successes, failures, and what I learned. So… here it goes! READ MORE

How Getting Laid Off Helped Me Start My Business

Getting laid off was one of the most challenging times in my life. But on the bright side, losing my job is what allowed me to start my own web design business. This blog post is full of inspiration and motivation on what you can do after a layoff to become an entrepreneur your own boss. READ MORE