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How to Make a Sitemap

You’ve created a website and you are dying to get on Google. You’ve done some research and realized you need to create a sitemap. But you have no idea what that is or where to start. Thankfully, I’m here to help demystify all that for you. By the end of this you will know exactly how to make one and upload it too Google Search Console. READ MORE

How Google Search Works & Best Practices for SEO

Understanding how Google search works might seem like a task reserved for the hyper intelligent. I am here to tell you this is not the case. Sure, it might take a tech whiz to understand all the coding and math required for Google to distribute search results. In general terms though, the steps Google takes to serve results to its users is pretty basic. So let’s dig in. READ MORE
Email Marketing

[Part 3 Email Marketing Series] WordPress and ConvertKit Tutorial

Welcome to part three of the four part email marketing series! In parts one and two I walked you through the pros and cons of using MailerLite and MailChimp as your email service provider. In part 3 we’re going to chat about the pros and cons of using a paid email service provider, ConvertKit, for email marketing. Plus, there’s a tutorial on creating email opt-in forms and integrating them with your WordPress website. READ MORE

A 6 Month Peek at my Web Design Business

It’s official! Summer started a couple weeks ago in the United States AND we’re halfway through 2019. Anyone else reflect on the previous six months when we get to this point in a year and just think… what happened? I’ve done so much with my web design business but I still think I haven’t done enough. Like maybe I should have worked harder to accomplish all the things and because I didn’t accomplish all the things, I didn’t really try hard enough. That’s nonsense I’ve decided. I’ve done so much in and on my business that I’ve decided to turn the June recap into a recap of the first half of the year to remind myself of just how much I’ve accomplished. READ MORE
Email Marketing

[Part 2 Email Marketing Series] WordPress and Mailchimp Tutorial

Welcome to part two of the email marketing series! In part one I walked through how to add email opt-in forms to your WordPress website if you’re using MailerLite as your email service provider. In part two, Mailchimp users are in luck! If you don’t use MailerLite or Mailchimp, stick around for parts three and four where I walk you through ConvertKit and ActiveCampaign. Check back over the next two weeks to see the newest tutorial – I’ll update this post with links to the other tutorials as they go live! READ MORE

May 2019 WordPress Web Design Business Recap

June is over halfway done and I completely forgot to do a May recap, oops! I bit off way more than I could chew in May between working on 3 web design projects, going through modules of Web Design Classifieds with my students, going through Melyssa Griffin's List Surge to help grow my email list and signing up for Teachable's Creative Challenge (which didn't start until June - hence, the forgetting to do a May recap!). All. the. things! And if I learned anything, way too many things. These things spilled over into June and I'm just now re-prioritizing and figuring out what is most important, what needs to be done first. But let's start with a finance breakdown first! READ MORE
Email Marketing

[Part 1 Email Marketing Series] WordPress and MailerLite Tutorial

Pick an email provider ✔ Set up your account ✔ Create your first list ✔ Add opt in forms on your website… no check? Does this sound familiar? It’s easy to find information on why you need to grow your email list. One study showed that the ROI on email marketing is around 4,300%! That’s about equal to the increase in happiness I felt after we brought my puppy home 4 1/2 years ago. It’s a game changer! READ MORE

How Much You Should Charge to Build a Website

When you're first starting out as a web design freelancer it can be overwhelming to set your prices. Do you charge hourly? Do you create a package price? Do you start really low... at like $100? Or do you go all in and charge at least $1,000 from the very beginning? You've Googled, "how much should I charge as a web designer?" or "average web design freelancer rates," and you've found other web designers on Facebook or through Google and checked out their prices. All that can leave you more confused than ever. READ MORE