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Best Places to Add Email Opt Ins on Your Website

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about how you absolutely need a pop up email opt-in form on your website. After I added a pop up opt-in form on my website, 75% of my email subscribers signed up using that form. That's A LOT! But if you really want to grow your email list, you'll need more than just a single opt-in form. READ MORE
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Save Time in Your Business with This One Tip

When you think about ways to save time in your business, how to be more productive, how to spend less time doing repetitive tasks, what comes to mind? Here’s some advice you’ll find out there on the internet or on Pinterest: Start each morning off writing down a list of what you need to do Prioritize that list into what needs to be done or what is a money-generating task/project (and start there) Or start with the hardest thing on the list, that thing you’re dreading and get it out of the way Time block by dedicating specific chunks of 1 or 2 hours to certain projects or tasks and when that time block is done, move onto something else Keep your email closed except for dedicated times you’ll be checking and replying to emails. READ MORE

April 2019 Recap of My WordPress Web Design Business

Can you believe April is over?! I swear it was just January and it was freezing cold to be outside but nice and toasty warm in my 3rd floor apartment. Now I'm writing this blog post from the comfort of my travel trailer. I'm going to be completely open and honest by saying that I made even less money in April than I did in March. And in March I made less than I made in February (my biggest month yet). 'Tis the way of being an entrepreneur! As an entrepreneur who hasn't set themselves up with consistent income streams (like signing on 4 clients for $X dollars each month with a 6 month contract each), it's hard to predict what next month is going to look like. It's even harder to predict what 2 or 3 months out is going to look like. When you look at your projected income for the upcoming months, especially if you're in a industry where projects aren't normally booked out months in advance, remember that month where you made $7k in two days. Or remember that month where you made the most money you've ever made in one month. And definitely remember that week where you had multiple warm leads come in. Because if it happened before, it can happen again. You just need to remember what you did to make those things happen and repeat those actions. READ MORE
Email Marketing

Why You Need a Pop Up Email Opt In Form on Your Website

Typically I only blog about web design but every once in a while I do something that works really well for me and I feel like I have to share it! Pop up email opt in forms is one of those things. I recently started growing my email because I've learned a lot about how people on your email list are your most valuable customers. Think about it... When someone comes to your website or sees you on social media, they're following along but they're not necessarily invested in you and your business. They may have stumbled upon your Instagram account somewhere or clicked through a Pin to your website. But they haven't said "Hey I want to hear from you ALL. THE. TIME." READ MORE
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2 Things Your Website Must Do to Land Clients

Your website has the ability to land you clients, make you money, grow your email list (basically achieve any goal you’re trying to achieve in your business)… but ONLY if you use it right, ONLY if you design each page strategically. Lost as to what strategic design is? Luckily you landed on this blog post! By the end of this post, you’ll know the 2 things every single page on your website must do in order to help you achieve the goals you’re aiming for. So let’s get started! READ MORE
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Psychology Edition: Increase Website Sales with the Rule of Seven

There's a really big, common mistake I see a lot of people make with their websites and it's keeping them from reaching their business goals. Whether those goals be income goals ($10K a month?!) or email list growth (1,000 new subscribers a month?!), you're most likely unknowingly keeping yourself from reaching those goals because of how you're sharing information on your website (or how you're NOT sharing information!). Let's take a look at your website, okay? Do you have it up? Good. What's your main offer? (That one thing you're trying to sell more than anything else.) Now that you have that top of mind, look for it on your website. Count how many times you've messaged that offer on your site. I'm going to guess it's at least twice - once on your homepage and once on the sales page for that offer. Did you message it anywhere else? If you've answered no - you're keeping yourself from reaching your goals. If you've answered yes - count again. Have you messaged it 7 times? READ MORE

Psychology Edition: Offering Too Many Packages is Keeping You from Landing Clients

In this post, I'm going to apply the Paradox of Choice to your service offerings. As an entrepreneur we have a ton of ideas floating around in our heads. New ways to help our current clients, ways to create passive income, and ways to expand our reach to a new set of clients. But with all of these ideas floating around, sometimes we forget to stop and think about how this looks to an outsider. How does adding a ton of services to our website affect our leads? Does it really open us up to new clients? Does it really make us more money? Or... does it keep us from easily being able to land clients? Keep us from making more money? READ MORE
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Psychology Edition: Your Website Navigation is Hurting You

Believe it or not, the navigation on your website is really important. Do you think someone is more likely to make a purchase when they have 10 offers to choose from or when they have 1 or 2 to choose from? Most people instinctively think think the answer to that question is 10 offers. More offers must mean more customization or differences between the individual offers. And since different people prefer different things, there's a person out there willing to buy each offer, right? But what actually happens when someone is presented with a lot of offers? READ MORE

(Business + Life) Lessons I Learned in Thailand

Travel is always a life altering experience. No matter how many times you get onto a plane or board a train, you change in some way every time you’re in a new location. You learn about another culture, you learn some phrases in another language, or you learn about yourself. My trip to Thailand was the first extended trip I’ve ever taken alone. I expected to learn a lot of business related things… you know, stuff about being an entrepreneur and whatnot. And I did learn some business related things, networked with other entrepreneurs, and met an amazing group of ladies who are working to build their own online businesses. But the most important thing I’m walking away from Thailand with is a whole lot of self growth. READ MORE
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Web Design Classifieds: How to Make More Money as a Web Designer

When I first started as a web designer I was charging ridiculously low prices. I thought in order to land clients, I needed to outbid every other web designer they were talking to. Especially when I was using freelancing platforms, I was trying to provide a proposal within the person's budget regardless of whether or not it was worth my time and effort for the amount of money. After landing a few $500 or less projects and spending way too much time on them, I realized I was making less than $15 per hour on these projects. Sometimes even $10 or less per hour! That wasn't my idea of being a successful entrepreneur and that wasn't going to allow me to quit my job and still be able to pay my bills. I knew I needed to make a change in my packages or messaging or process. My packages needed to be more robust and provide more value so I could increase my prices. Or my messaging needed to reflect the value I was already providing so people knew they weren't just getting a pretty website. Or my process needed to be more streamlined so I could spend less time working on each project from onboarding through offboarding clients. READ MORE