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Psychology Edition: Offering Too Many Packages is Keeping You from Landing Clients

In this post, I'm going to apply the Paradox of Choice to your service offerings. As an entrepreneur we have a ton of ideas floating around in our heads. New ways to help our current clients, ways to create passive income, and ways to expand our reach to a new set of clients. But with all of these ideas floating around, sometimes we forget to stop and think about how this looks to an outsider. How does adding a ton of services to our website affect our leads? Does it really open us up to new clients? Does it really make us more money? Or... does it keep us from easily being able to land clients? Keep us from making more money? READ MORE
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Psychology Edition: Your Website Navigation is Hurting You

Believe it or not, the navigation on your website is really important. Do you think someone is more likely to make a purchase when they have 10 offers to choose from or when they have 1 or 2 to choose from? Most people instinctively think think the answer to that question is 10 offers. More offers must mean more customization or differences between the individual offers. And since different people prefer different things, there's a person out there willing to buy each offer, right? But what actually happens when someone is presented with a lot of offers? READ MORE

(Business + Life) Lessons I Learned in Thailand

Travel is always a life altering experience. No matter how many times you get onto a plane or board a train, you change in some way every time you’re in a new location. You learn about another culture, you learn some phrases in another language, or you learn about yourself. My trip to Thailand was the first extended trip I’ve ever taken alone. I expected to learn a lot of business related things… you know, stuff about being an entrepreneur and whatnot. And I did learn some business related things, networked with other entrepreneurs, and met an amazing group of ladies who are working to build their own online businesses. But the most important thing I’m walking away from Thailand with is a whole lot of self growth. READ MORE
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Web Design Classifieds: How to Make More Money as a Web Designer

When I first started as a web designer I was charging ridiculously low prices. I thought in order to land clients, I needed to outbid every other web designer they were talking to. Especially when I was using freelancing platforms, I was trying to provide a proposal within the person's budget regardless of whether or not it was worth my time and effort for the amount of money. After landing a few $500 or less projects and spending way too much time on them, I realized I was making less than $15 per hour on these projects. Sometimes even $10 or less per hour! That wasn't my idea of being a successful entrepreneur and that wasn't going to allow me to quit my job and still be able to pay my bills. I knew I needed to make a change in my packages or messaging or process. My packages needed to be more robust and provide more value so I could increase my prices. Or my messaging needed to reflect the value I was already providing so people knew they weren't just getting a pretty website. Or my process needed to be more streamlined so I could spend less time working on each project from onboarding through offboarding clients. READ MORE

March 2019 Recap of My WordPress Web Design Business

March came and went in the blink of an eye and was jam packed with web design work! This past month further solidified that I absolutely love designing and building websites start to finish. Especially when my clients are as passionate about their businesses as I am about helping them build a website that not only represents their brand personality but attracts and converts clients. While I loved the work I did this month, I also learned a lot about scheduling projects and balancing projects and marketing. So let’s start with a financial comparison between March of 2018 and March of 2019 before diving into what I learned this past month. READ MORE
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Divi Footer Tutorial

Last week I was struggling to vertically center content using the default WordPress footer. Everything was aligning on the top and it just didn’t look right. I wanted all of the content to be centered vertically so that it filled the space better. Because at that moment, it looked like I had half-assed the footer and maybe even forgotten about it. So I reached out to the Divi community through a Facebook group. And the best thing happened! READ MORE
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Client Spotlight: SoulQuest Designs Jewelry Website Design

I love the feeling of launching a new website! Sending over the first round of mocks is always slightly nerve-wracking to me and it probably always will be. Are they going to love it? Are they going to hate it? I've yet to have a client hate my first rounds of designs. Usually they love it and the feedback they provide just adds even more awesomeness to their site. Yes, awesomeness. But especially when they already have a website and I'm redesigning it. The expectations have to be high, right? That was the case with this website! SoulQuest Designs is a handmade jewelry company based out of Massachusetts and I was redesigning the website the owner had for years. READ MORE

Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Full-Time Job: What to Know and How to Do It

Let me guess, reporting into someone every day and doing exactly what they tell you to do regardless of whether or not it lights your soul on fire was getting old. So you started your side hustle with the dream of making it a full-time business one day. After all that Googling and YouTubing you finally felt ready to launch your business and take on clients in the evenings and on the weekends. Getting those first few clients was an amazing feeling because you were choosing who to work with and you were picking what type of work you wanted to do. But all of your research didn't prepare you for what would happen when you started working almost every waking minute. It didn't prepare you for when you no longer had time to cook dinner or hang out with your friends. You're at a point where you can't continue with the way things are right now but you don't know what to do next. READ MORE
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Web Design Business Advice: Why I Added Copywriting and SEO to My Package

Running a web design business can be done many ways. There aren’t any right or wrong ways (unless you’re making promises that you can’t or don’t intend to keep), just different ways based on personal preferences and experience. Overtime you start to learn what works for you. The best things to include in your packages to provide maximum value. What workflow works best for your ideal client to get the best results. Or what prices and messaging attract that client that makes you love your job. READ MORE

How to Blog and How It Can Help Your Business

Last year was the year of quitting my job and getting a consistent stream of clients and income. This year is the year of blogging and increasing traffic to my website so that I can attract more clients and increase my income even more. While I didn’t pay close attention to my website analytics last year (even though I should have), I’m positive that traffic to my website will be 3 or 4 times what it was last year. And trust me when I say, I shared my URL a lot more last year than I have been this year. There’s a reason why so many bloggers are able to make a living off of their blogs. Because when you write about something that people are interested in, people will read your content and then continue to come back for more. READ MORE