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5 WordPress Plugins I Use on Every Website

5 WordPress Plugins You Need on Your Website Last week I wrote another post about WordPress plugins. You can read that here if you're not completely sure what a plugin is, how to find them, or how to choose which one is best for your website. Once you understand all of that fun stuff, hop back over here to learn what plugins I use on every WordPress website I build. Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd The first plugin I always install when I'm designing a website is the Coming Soon Page & Maintenance Mode by SeedProd. This plugin allows a domain to be active and shared...


Everything You Need to Know About WordPress Plugins

wordpress plugins Define: wordpress Plugin A plugin is a tool or piece of software that can be installed onto your WordPress website to add different functionalities to your site. If you're wanting to add a specific functionality to your website there's a 99% chance a plugin has been developed that will do just that. wordpress Plugin Pricing WordPress plugins can be either paid or free. Typically, paid plugins have some sort of "lite" version that is free to use. The free version of any paid plugin doesn't have all of the functionalities and capabilities of the paid version. Depending on...


How to Quickly Build a Divi Website

quickly build a divi website OK... I want to preface this post by saying designing a website that actually helps a business achieve their goals isn't just a quick thing that can be done in a day. It's a process and it takes time. For example, I always start out by diving into the struggles faced by the business or entrepreneur and their overall goals. This is the foundation that shapes the website design. Because what's the point of having a website that doesn't help you achieve your goals? That's a trick question - there isn't a point. But once the design has been created using Adobe...


How to Know if It’s Time for a Website Redesign

Is it time for a website redesign? If you've been reading through the blog or following me on Facebook then you know I talk ALL THE TIME about how a website can attract and convert leads. Your website shouldn't just be a place to hold information. Instead, your website should work for you by bringing in traffic, keeping website visitors engaged, and guiding them to convert in a way that helps you reach your overall goals. So how do you know if it's time for a website redesign? Let me walk you through the 2 biggest reasons why it's time! 1. Your website no longer aligns with your business...


January 2019 Recap of My WordPress Web Design Studio

january recap Last January, January of 2018, I was working a full time job during the day and then going home and working on my business or client work in the evening. It was A LOT but I was fortunate enough to only have to do that for 8 months. This January has been so different! I wake up in the morning and basically the day is mine to choose how I spend it. Some mornings I find myself ready to dive right into my client work. Other days (like right now as I'm writing this), I want to blog and spend a majority of my day working ON my business instead of IN my business. I get to choose...