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What You Should and Should Not Invest in as a New Web Designer

Investing in your new web design business can seem scary and necessary. There are tools and programs that can make starting and running a business as a soloproneur easier but which should you invest in? In this blog you'll learn about what you should and should not invest in as a new web designer to make your process run smoothly. Use this advice and these freelancing tips to help develop a solid business and financial plan without breaking the bank. READ MORE
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Why You Should Join a Co-Working Space

Before you start doing research to find your local co-working space or before you leave this post because, “I don’t need a co-working space. Working from home has been my dream,” let me explain to you why you need to join a co-working space and how it’s beneficial to your business. (Because I too was a work-from-home dreamer and didn’t think it could get any better.) READ MORE
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What to Do When Someone Steals Your Shit (AKA Copies Your Website)

As a web designer, one of the most important portfolio pieces you can have is your own website. Think about it for a minute. Someone is looking for a web designer and they stumble upon your website. They see the most hideous website that is super hard to navigate. What do they do? Think "hm, this is the best website experience I've had, I'm going to continue onto their portfolio page"? No way. Sign on for your services? Nope. READ MORE

3 Reasons Why You’re Struggling to Find Your Ideal Client

“Figure out your ideal client,” they say. “Then it will be easier to get clients,” they say. So you bust out your notebook and start writing down the following information about your ideal client: Gender Name Occupation Geographical Location Relationship Status Number of Children Favorite Stores Favorite Books + Magazines Favorite Leisure Activities A bunch of other information super specific to one specific individual Then you think to yourself, “Sweet! There’s my ideal client. Come find me (insert fake name you’ve given this fake person here)!” READ MORE
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How Collecting the Right Information from Your Client Can Improve Your Web Design Process

The very beginning of a project is one of the most crucial parts of the web design process. During that time you’re setting the mood and pace of the project. These are two things no client ever wants to hear. Questions that begin with “I forgot to ask you…” or “Can you remind me…” make a client feel like you’re a newbie, like maybe they won’t end up with the high-converting website you promised them. READ MORE

4 Must Read Business Books that Changed the Way I Run My Web Design Business

Most recently, I’ve been loving myself some romance novels that are super easy to read and don’t require me to think. But every once in a while I dive deep into a business book that changes my life and the way I run my web design business. If you’re looking for your next non-romance novel to read or are just anxious to learn as much as you can about running a business, below is a list of my top business books that I highly recommend you read! READ MORE
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Why Landing Web Design Clients Requires Long Term Marketing Strategies

Something that a lot of new web design business owners ask is, “how can I find my first or next client fast?” When you’re sick of your 9-5 and ready for a bit more freedom in your life, it’s easy to start thinking like this. And if you do enough Googling or ask enough people in Facebook groups, you might even start to think that finding web design clients is super easy and can be done quickly. This is both true and untrue. READ MORE