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Business Books that Changed the Way I Run My Web Design Business

Most recently, I’ve been loving myself some romance novels that are super easy to read and don’t require me to think. But every once in a while I dive deep into a business book that changes my life and the way I run my web design business. If you’re looking for your next non-romance novel to read or are just anxious to learn as much as you can about running a business, below is a list of my top business books that I highly recommend you read! READ MORE
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Why Landing Web Design Clients Requires Long Term Marketing Strategies

Something that a lot of new web design business owners ask is, “how can I find my first or next client fast?” When you’re sick of your 9-5 and ready for a bit more freedom in your life, it’s easy to start thinking like this. And if you do enough Googling or ask enough people in Facebook groups, you might even start to think that finding web design clients is super easy and can be done quickly. This is both true and untrue. READ MORE
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Do you need to know code to build websites?

The infamous question! Do you need to know code to build websites? Back in the day the answer to this question would have been yes. Web designers and web developers needed to work together to get a website launched start to finish. But hellooo… we’re in the 21st century! Technology has grown so much that NO, you don’t need to know code to build a website. Whether you’re looking to build a website for yourself or you’re ready to start your own business, you can do it without needing to know a single line of code. READ MORE
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Web Design or Web Developer: What’s the Difference?

When I first became interested in web design, I’ll be honest, I had no idea if I could start a web design business without knowing any code. Whether or not I could legitimately start my own web design company and BUILD websites was a question I asked myself frequently. This was mostly because of what I already knew. Two of my 9-5 jobs were working in eCommerce. Both of these had designers and developers employed as two separate jobs. Could I take my skills and start my own company without knowing coding? The short answer. Yes. But first it’s important that you also understand the difference between a web designer and web developer so you don’t continue your journey completely confused! READ MORE
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You landed a web design client! What do you do next?

You’ve landed your first web design client! Woo hoo! 🤩 What do you do next? That was the biggest question I had when I landed my first client through UpWork. What the hell do I do now that I’ve landed the client? How do I make sure this project runs smoothly so she’ll... A) want to work with me in the future and B) will recommend her friends and fellow business owners to use my services? READ MORE
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The Web Designer Club – A Membership Site to Help You Grow Your Business

A little over a month ago I launched Web Design Classifieds. My first online course designed specifically for web designers who want to design high-end websites and grow their businesses. It was exhilarating and exhausting to launch. There were some lows... from recording issues to really hating the way Teachable forces you into a specific design for the sales page. But there were also tons of highs... creating meaningful content, enrolling new students, and getting that feedback, "I'm really loving all of the content inside the course!" READ MORE

How to Use Header Tags: SEO Best Practices

Time and time again I see websites that don’t understand how to use header tags. As a casual user of the internet you will never notice this. While it is true you should design your website for the casual user, you should also keep in mind how crawlers like Googlebot, read websites. Despite what most web designers seem to think, headers are not to be used for design purposes! In fact they have a specific purposed that can impact the health of your website. At the end of this post I’m confident you’ll understand header tags and how to use them. READ MORE
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How to Add Jump-To Anchor Links in Divi

Do you ever write really long blog posts with a bunch of defined sections and then realize that someone with a bit more experience may want to skip over the first 3 sections? Or maybe you design an awesome sales page for your client’s signature service, add a button that says “See Pricing” and realize you want that button to scroll down the page to where the pricing is messaged? This functionality can be done with coding or, if you’re like me and swear by the Divi theme, you just need to make a couple quick changes to your modules and voila! Functionality added. READ MORE
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Client Spotlight: Circle 3 Marketing SEO Expert

This website design was fun for me! Circle 3 Marketing not only is the solopreneur who does all the SEO (search engine optimization) for the websites I design but he’s also my husband. Together we own and run Kristen Leigh Designs – me doing the designs and building the websites and Justin doing the keyword research and optimization of the sites in the back-end and on the front-end. Then he runs Circle 3 Marketing and works with other web designers doing SEO for the websites they build OR even working with small businesses directly doing ongoing SEO monthly management. READ MORE

How to submit a crawl request

Before we talk about how to submit a crawl request let’s quickly go over what a crawl request is. A crawl request is simply asking Google to re-index, or index for the first time, a page on your website. Google will do this periodically on its own but can take up to 4 weeks to complete. If you have time sensitive content to share with the world this Is unacceptable! To help expedite the crawling process you’ll want to submit a crawl request. READ MORE