April 2019 Recap of My WordPress Web Design Business

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | April 2019 Recap of My WordPress Web Design Business

April 2019 WordPress web design business recap

Can you believe April is over?! I swear it was just January and it was freezing cold to be outside but nice and toasty warm in my 3rd floor apartment. Now I’m writing this blog post from the comfort of my travel trailer!

2018 + 2019 Comparison (projects + Finances)

I’m going to be completely open and honest by saying that I made even less money in April than I did in March. And in March I made less than I made in February (my biggest month yet). ‘Tis the way of being an entrepreneur!

As an entrepreneur who hasn’t set themselves up with consistent income streams (like signing on 4 clients for $X dollars each month with a 6 month contract each), it’s hard to predict what next month is going to look like. It’s even harder to predict what 2 or 3 months out is going to look like.

When you look at your projected income for the upcoming months, especially if you’re in a industry where projects aren’t normally booked out months in advance, remember that month where you made $7k in two days. Or remember that month where you made the most money you’ve ever made in one month. And definitely remember that week where you had multiple warm leads come in. Because if it happened before, it can happen again. You just need to remember what you did to make those things happen and repeat those actions.

(May, for me, has already surpassed both March and April but we’ll chat about that next month!)

Now a look at April!

Here’s a breakdown of projects

April 2018

I had a total of 5 clients in April 2018. They were broken down like this:

  • Web design projects: 2
  • Email marketing projects: 0
  • Monthly support: 2
  • Course design: 1 (Something I do on the down-low)

April 2019

In April 2019, I had a total of 4 clients + 6 new students:

Now for the financial comparison


Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | April Finance Comparison


My revenue increased by 76.99% (when comparing to April 2018). Even though I made less in April than I did in March and less in March than I did in February, I still outperformed last year and honestly, that’s what I care about!

I want 2019 to be bigger and better than 2018. Yeah, having each month be better than the previous would be amazing, too, I know there are ups and downs in entrepreneurship so I’m choosing to look at the year as a whole.

Plus, if I was always comparing this month to the previous, what’s stopping me from comparing this week to last week, today from yesterday? That sounds exhausting and a little like it would cause some major anxiety!


Last year I went to one of my client’s marketing retreats (which was great!) but this year I chose to invest in an online course by Melyssa Griffin called List Surge. I’m working really hard on growing my email list this year so the investment seemed worth it. I’ll let you know how it goes in next month’s recap since I’m just getting started!

Here’s a recap of the expenses I had in April:

  • Adobe Creative Suite (best thing I’ve ever purchased)
  • Gsuite
  • Deadline Funnels (not sure about this one being worth the money yet)
  • Melyssa Griffin’s List Surge

Not a lot of expenses, right? You don’t NEED a lot of monthly memberships to run a business, trust me!

What worked for me in April 2019

Launching Web Design Classifieds BETA Program

I officially launched the BETA program of Web Design Classifieds on April 22nd to a group of 7 female web designers. So far, it’s been great! In the BETA program the students have full access to me plus 4 group calls to ask all their questions.

But what they don’t necessarily know is that everything they’re asking me is helping me make the course even better! I’m taking all their questions and adding even more content to the course that answers those questions, not only for them but for future students when I officially open Web Design Classifieds to the public.

The interesting thing? I launched the BETA program having only 1 module of content created. JUST ONE! I’m creating the content as we go so that I can make adjustments as I see they’re needed. This saved me so much time. Because instead of creating content, crossing my fingers, and hoping it’s exactly what my audience wants, I’m creating content my audience wants because they’re basically telling me what they need!

This course is going to be a game-changer for web designers and I can’t wait to officially launch it post-BETA! (You didn’t hear it from me but sounds like it might launch again at the end of the summer. Get on the list so you’re guaranteed to learn more about when it opens!)

Hiring a Pinterest Manager

Guys. Hire a Pinterest manager.

This morning I was looking at Google Analytics (because you should do that) and I’ve seen such a jump in traffic to my website because of Pinterest. Now, I did Pinterest management for one of my clients and helped them take their monthly Pinterest viewers (on their profile page) from 1 million to 3 million in a matter of months. But I didn’t really enjoy it and I certainly didn’t want to do it for myself if I didn’t enjoy it.

So! I hired a Pinterest manager and so far she’s doing amazing things for me. The traffic to my website from Pinterest more than doubled from March to April. What! Seriously. I can’t wait to see what amazing things Pinterest does for me in the next 5 months.

Not signing Any New Web Design Projects

I didn’t sign a single new web design project in April. I mean… I was working on 3 other web design projects but I didn’t sign any new ones. And I’m glad.

I have been having conversations and working through a proposal for a $14k project (wowza!) and spending a lot of my time on Web Design Classifieds. So I put warming leads and having sales calls off for the month of April.

What I Learned in April 2019

I’m combining what I learned and what didn’t work for me into one and I’m sharing only one thing here because it’s an important lesson.

Taking a Week “Off” to Work on My Business Doesn’t necessarily Mean I’ll Work On My Business

I took one week off from client work to work just on Web Design Classifieds. I had this plan that I was going to record all of module 1 and module 2 videos. Plus develop a bunch of really good worksheets and checklists.

That Monday morning, I woke up sick. And not just *cough* *cough* I-have-a-cold-sick. I was SICK. Pretty sure there was a fever involved and I spent a full three days laying on the couch binging on Netflix because I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else. I ate a lot of soup, too.

So you can pretty much guess that my plans for developing the first two weeks worth of content was ruined. Big time.

I’ve never really been one to stress though. My body needed me to rest so I rested. And toward the end of the week I worked a bit on my course but I didn’t overdo it. I made the decision to be okay with the way the week went and face the fact that I would have to work on my course while I’m working on client work, too.

And you know what… it’s worked out!

Take this as a lesson that even if things don’t go as planned, nothing is ruined. You might have to make some shifts in the plan but it will work out in the end. It always does.


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