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Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | April 2019 Recap of My WordPress Web Design Business


It’s official! Summer started a couple weeks ago in the United States AND we’re halfway through 2019. Anyone else reflect on the previous six months when we get to this point in a year and just think… what happened? I’ve done so much with my web design business but I still think I haven’t done enough. Like maybe I should have worked harder to accomplish all the things and because I didn’t accomplish all the things, I didn’t really try hard enough.

That’s nonsense I’ve decided. I’ve done so much in and on my business that I’ve decided to turn the June recap into a recap of the first half of the year to remind myself of just how much I’ve accomplished.


Like usual, let’s start with a financial recap of the first half of the year and compare it to the first half of last year.


January – June 2018

I had a total of 12 clients in the first half of 2018. They were broken down like this:

  • Web design projects: 4
  • Email marketing projects: 1
  • Course design projects: 1
  • Monthly support: 4
  • Assisting on other web design projects: 2

January – June 2019

Between January and June of 2019, I had a total of 11 clients and 7 students. They were broken down like this:

  • Web design projects: 5
  • Email marketing projects: 3
  • Course design projects: 0
  • Monthly support: 3
  • Assisting on other web design projects: 0
  • Course students: 7


Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | April Finance Comparison


I made 145.18% more in the first half of this year than I did in the first half of last year. You can tell that the months weren’t consistent by the image above but when I average it out across the months, I’m pleased with what I brought in.

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | April Finance Comparison


My expenses were drastically different this year compared to last year. Here’s a quick breakdown of my expenses so you can see what things didn’t work for me (so I cancelled them) and what things I added into the mix to help grow my business.

Kristen Leigh | WordPress Web Design Studio | Expenses Breakdown

This just goes to show that something that works for someone else’s business (like Deadline Funnels, which I’ve already cancelled after just a couple months) won’t necessarily work for your business. And that’s OK. I’m a big fan of testing things to see if they work and if they don’t, I get rid of them.


Here’s the fun part: looking at what I accomplished in the last six months.


If you didn’t know, my business used to be called Meraki Leigh Digital. Meraki means doing something with your whole heart and soul which I loved, but no one could pronounce it. Digital allowed me to add and remove services as I wanted as long as they fell under the online part of business. General VA services, email marketing, course creation, Pinterest management, web design, branding… these were all things I had on my website. Ridiculous, I know.

I quickly learned that I hate a majority of those things so why was I even offering them as services? I also figured out that offering all those services was keeping me from growing my business because truly no one can be an expert in everything.


(Don’t even try and don’t think you’re fooling anyone by listing a million services on your website. Not sure why? Read this.)

So, I rebranded to Kristen Leigh Designs. First off, it’s much easier to pronounce and there’s no awkward, “no it’s pronounced may-rah-key” after a lead asks, “how do you say your business name?” Secondly, it niched me down to design, web design to be specific.

Rebranding felt like the right thing to do but I didn’t realize how much of an impact it would have on my business. Since I took the steps to rebrand, I was forced to look at my messaging, my packages, my pricing, and my ideal client. My website game increased tenfold and along with it, my web design business grew.

Grew the Web Design Side of My Business by 597.53%

The amount of money I have made from my web design business has already surpassed the amount of money I made from web design in all of 2018. I thought it was going to be hard to niche down and grow my business. I was scared that getting rid of my biggest monthly support client (more than half my monthly income) was going to be a huge mistake.

Not being able to buy groceries from Whole Foods crossed my mind. As did not being able to afford my favorite spicy margarita from a local restaurant. Honestly I thought I would be eating rice and beans for months while I tried to bring in more web design clients. #iwaswrong

The only reason why I was able to grow the web design side of my business by 597.53% was BECAUSE I niched down.

Developed an Online Course & Ran the BETA

Anyone else here use Passion Planner or some other type of daily planner? If you don’t know about Passion Planner (get one), at the beginning of the year you create a roadmap of your goals for the next 3 months, 1 year, 3 years, and your entire lifetime. Then you pick the specific goals (the things that would be game changers for you) and create a spider map for each one. What do you have to do to achieve that goal?

Well when I did this in December for the whole year, my gamechanger was to make $100K+ in sales. Off that goal I listed a bunch of things…

  • Launch new brand & website
  • Post marketing messages frequently
  • Design 5 basic Divi layout templates
  • Increase web design package to $4999 minimum & branding to $6999 minimum
  • Video vault
  • Blog consistently
  • Launch online course

Then I took these things and gave myself specific months I would be working on them. I quickly realized that sticking to my plan wasn’t going to work. Like, at all.

Instead of starting with developing Divi layout templates to sell, I created an entire online course. AN ENTIRE ONLINE COURSE. And I ran a BETA for it. Have I even touched Adobe Illustrator to design Divi layout templates? Nope, sure haven’t. But guys… I developed and ran a BETA for an entire online course. That wasn’t on my roadmap until May (to start outlining the course) with a launch month of October. Now I’m launching the course officially in August. WAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!

Started an Email List

Because I worked so hard to develop my online course, I also started an email list to grow an audience interested in my course. And while it may be small (real small), I’m ridiculously proud of myself for doing this. I’m starting to have an audience of web designers and other business owners who are genuinely interested in what I’m saying. Feels weird. Real weird.

Started a Facebook Group

Starting a Facebook group was something I tossed around in the back of my mind for a while but when it came down to it my thoughts were always the same.

What would the group even be about? ANOTHER generic group for female entrepreneurs? And what would I even say in the group to get people active?

When the course became a reality, it clicked. Not just another generic group for female entrepreneurs (I feel like a majority of those get spammed by business coaches anyway) but a group specifically for female web designers. So Web Designer Women was created and it’s growing. Growing slowly just like my list but that’s because I’ve been intentional about who I let into the group.

I’ve received requests from female entrepreneurs who aren’t web designers or aspiring web designers and I’ve received requests from men. I’ve declined them all. This group is a space for female web designers to grow alongside like-minded women. A place for them to ask questions without receiving a “well that’s obvious” type of response that I’ve received in groups that include both men and women. And a place where they aren’t seeing spam from coaches or social media marketers secretly trying to land them as clients.

I’m excited to see how my Facebook grows!

Wrote 42 Blog Posts

Guys, I wrote 42 blog posts so far this year. FORTY TWO. Let me put this in perspective for you. In 2018 I wrote a whopping 6 posts. I had the best intentions to blog consistently in 2018 but I didn’t have any idea what to blog about.

What it actually came down to was that I had no idea what my specific niche was and what type of messaging I wanted to put out there throughout 2018. 2019 has helped me niche down and refine my messaging so blogging comes easy to me now.

Even if you don’t blog, I recommend you reflect on the past six months and think about everything you’ve accomplished. Even if you didn’t accomplish what you thought you would have accomplished, odds are you did a ton of things you weren’t even really aware of.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you accomplished in the first six months of 2019. Did anything surprise you?


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