adding a blog to your website

Last year was the year of quitting my job and getting a consistent stream of clients and income. This year is the year of blogging and increasing traffic to my website so that I can attract more clients and increase my income even more.

While I didn’t pay close attention to my website analytics last year (even though I should have), I’m positive that traffic to my website will be 3 or 4 times what it was last year. And trust me when I say, I shared my URL a lot more last year than I have been this year.

There’s a reason why so many bloggers are able to make a living off of their blogs. Because when you write about something that people are interested in, people will read your content and then continue to come back for more.

benefits of having a blog as a service based business owner

Having a blog as a service based (or product based) business owner provides a handful of benefits. Personally, I think there are 2 reasons that are the most important and the most beneficial and they should convince you to start blogging regularly.

blogging helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While you know you’re an expert in your field, there are still thousands and thousands of people who have never heard of you. When you blog about a topic consistently, you start to be seen as an expert in that field. Not only by your audience, but also by Google. And you know what happens when Google sees you as the go-to person about a specific topic? You start to make your way up in the search rankings.

Have you ever scrolled to the bottom of the page after searching something in Google? If you have you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say there are 10 O’s in “Google” that go along with the first 10 pages of search results. (Don’t know what I’m talking about? Just go Google something and you’ll see.)

There’s a good chance that if you’re a relatively new business owner (less than 2 years in business) and you’re not already consistently blogging, you’re not on any of those pages behind the first 10 O’s. But with consistent blogging about a specific topic, you can quickly make your way to that first page. With no O’s needing to be clicked to find you!

blogging creates REOCCURRING visits

How many times have you gone to a service based business’ website and it looks exactly the same as it did last week… last month… six months ago… and maybe even last year? What do you end up doing when you realize nothing new is going to be found on that website? You probably stop visiting the website after the 2nd or 3rd attempt to find new content.

Well, the 2nd huuuuge benefit of blogging is how it brings the same people back to your website over and over and over again. Since you’re constantly adding new content to your website, your audience is always able to learn something new. And there’s nothing we hate more as consumers than to miss out on information that could provide some sort of benefit to us.

This means that once you’ve created an audience and found those people who resonate with the content you are putting out, they will willingly return to your website week after week to read the new stuff you are sharing with them

The more someone visits your website and the more they learn from you, the warmer of a lead they become. So someone who knew nothing about you the first time they visited your website could become a customer within a matter of weeks (maybe even days if your content is THAT good) because the content you are putting out is warming them up to the idea of investing in your services or purchasing your product.

how to share your blog posts

Now that you know the 2 biggest benefits (IMO) of consistent blogging, you need to know where the best places are to share your new content with your audience. I have 3 recommendations for you: blog page, homepage, email.

adding a blog to your website

The most well known tactic is to add a page on your website that is dedicated to your blog posts. One mistake I see a lot of service based business owners make if they are consistently blogging is to share their blog posts on their homepage in replacement of everything they had their previously.

The issue with this strategy is that it makes you look like a blogger, not someone who can offer a specific service to your audience. You never want to replace your website content with your blog content. Your blog should complement your website but not take over your website.

So create a page on your website that is dedicated just to your blog posts and add it in your navigation as “blog”. Don’t give it a catchy name because you think “blog” is boring. People like simplicity. The less someone has to think about what something means, the more likely they are to click the button and go to the page. So keep it simple. Keep it as “blog”.

Adding Blog Posts to Your Homepage

Now just because I said not to replace your homepage content with your blog content doesn’t mean you can’t add your blog posts to your homepage. ADD them, but don’t use them as a replacement.

Add 2-4 of your new blog posts to your homepage below the main content. You want your visitors to see the most important stuff first so make sure your blog posts are BELOW whatever content is going to help you achieve your main business goals.

I suggest you add your new blog posts to the bottom of your homepage. If someone scrolls all the way to the bottom of the homepage without clicking any of your call to actions, chances are they’re not ready to commit to the services you’re offering just yet.

A great way to warm them up to your services? By offering them some free information and a peek into your personality!

Sharing blog posts with your email list

Have you heard that your email list is your most important group of people? They are! These people chose to join your list. They wanted to download your freebie. The information you were giving away for free was interesting to them. They saw some value in that information. And if they choose to stay on the list after reading or using your freebie, then they’re interested in reading more!

These are the people who will convert. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But they’re already interested so after they’ve consumed the perfect amount of information they need, they’ll be the ones to sign on for your services or buy your product.

So don’t leave them hanging. Don’t make them join a list that is an endless black hole of no information. Even if you don’t have anything else to share with them, if you’re consistently blogging you can send updates weekly or bi-weekly sharing the latest additions to your blog.

This will make them remember you because you’ll be showing up in their inbox consistently and when they click through to read a blog post, they may be reminded that they need your help.

what is my blogging strategy?

What do I do?

My goal for the year is to put out 2 new blog posts every single week. So far I’ve been able to achieve this goal (even when it meant sitting on the floor of an airport furiously hitting my keys to get a post out before my group was called to board!).

I have a page on my website dedicated to my blog posts. It’s a one stop shop for everything I’ve written and shared with you.

I also share 3 blog posts on my homepage so you can see what I have to offer for free knowledge bombs if you’re just browsing my website and not quite ready to commit to my web design services.

And lastly, when you join my email list you are notified once a week of new blog posts (plus you get a pretty sweet FREEBIE and an endless amount of positive inspiration!).

Are you going to join me for this blogging challenge? If so, drop a comment below and let me know the goals you’re setting for yourself!


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