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Let’s face it, there are thousands of WordPress themes out there making it pretty hard to decide which one would be best for your business.

Do you want a theme that’s built specifically for blogs? While you’re focusing on blogging right now, you might venture into selling digital downloads one day. So maybe that blog specific theme isn’t right for you.

Do you want a theme that focuses on promoting your social media? That section at the top of the page that is automatically scrolling through your Instagram posts is cool and all but would you need to learn code to get rid of it if your main focus changed?

Do you want a professional theme that is designed for service based businesses? You have this passion for handmade jewelry and you might want to sell it one day… do you need to learn code to add physical products to the theme? Or would you need to buy a whole new domain and then juggle not one but TWO websites?

You shouldn’t have to know exactly where your business or passions are going in the future in order to pick a WordPress theme. Right now you’re in phase A of your business but what happens when you get to phase B? Phase C? Phase D? Each new phase comes with new ideas, new challenges, new services, new products… and if your business is changing, your website needs to change, too!

Other WordPress Themes (free or paid)

WordPress themes come in all different styles and all different price ranges. There are themes for service based businesses and product based businesses, bloggers, restaurants, location based businesses and online businesses, coaches, photographers…

You get the point. The amount of options are endless.

But what if you’re a photographer who doesn’t want a website that looks exactly like every other photographer’s website? Or what if you’re a service based business AND you want to sell digital products?

WordPress themes that are built for specific types of businesses tend to have less flexibility. And if they do have flexibility it’s through coding. I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that if you’re not a developer, your coding skills are rather limited. I’m also going to take a wild guess and say that if you’re an entrepreneur, you love what you’re doing and you don’t have time or the desire to learn how to code things into a WordPress theme you thought would be perfect for your business.

And what happens as you expand your business? You either learn how to code, pay someone to code, or start the hunt for a new theme. All three of these options cost time and money.

Enter the divi theme

What if I told you you could buy one theme and never have to buy another theme again? You would have a theme that is flexible and allows you to add new products, services, blog posts, or ideas as your business grows without having to spend time or money searching for a new theme or learning code.

Sounds pretty good, right?

You can do all of that with the Divi theme!

built for any stage of your business

Divi is built for phase A through phase D (phase Z if we’re really being honest) of your business. As your goals change and your business grows, Divi allows for your website to change and grow as well.

This is why I love Divi SO much! There’s really no need for any other theme.

Divi integrates with all major plugins which means it works for all types of businesses. While other themes can be specific to one type of business, Divi works for service based businesses and product based businesses, bloggers, restaurants, location based businesses and online businesses, coaches, photographers…

You get it… Divi works for everyone!

complete customization

Because Divi allows for complete customization, you never have to worry that your website looks just like anyone else’s. So if you’re that photographer that doesn’t want your website to look just like the next photographer’s website… you’re in luck!

You aren’t limited to what is built into the theme because it’s completely customizable to your brand, your taste, and your needs.

You can change fonts, colors, the background color or image, add in video banners or image banners, choose from multiple different header and footer styles, and tons of other things that will make your website completely unique to you.

And the best part about it…

no coding skills necessary

That’s right, you need absolutely no coding skills to make your website unique to you.

The Divi Builder is a visual page builder which means it’s interactive. You literally see the page being creating as you click buttons and make changes. It is super easy to add new text blocks or image blocks (just to name a couple) and then drag and drop them somewhere else on the page if you decide you don’t like where you originally placed it (or if it’s time to mix things up on your website).

If you’re a service based business and you decide it’s time to sell digital downloads, no worries! It can be done without knowing coding.

You’re a blogger and you want your Instagram feed to appear at the top of your page? Install that Instagram plugin and drop it wherever you want using the Divi Builder. Seriously, it’s that easy.

I praise Divi for a reason. Because it’s a theme that you never have to get rid of. If you think you have to get rid of it, chances are you haven’t figured out it’s true capabilities yet!


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