WordPress or Squarespace

Let me guess, you’ve Googled “should I build my website on WordPress or Squarespace?” more times than you can count hoping to find that one article that says “Use WordPress!” or “Use Squarespace!”. Am I right? I’m also going to guess that you’re still not sure which platform to use even after all of that research.

I’m hoping this post can help you make a decision. Like, today (because your business can’t start flourishing without a website!).

Everyone seems to have their own opinion as to which platform is superior. You know what I think? WordPress and Squarespace are equal. That’s right, I said it. They’re equal. Both WordPress and Squarespace accomplish what is needed for specific types of businesses and blogs. Both WordPress and Squarespace have their advantages and their disadvantages.

Neither platform is overall superior to the other platform. It is completely dependent on your business needs and your comfort level with tech.

All-In-One Solution

Squarespace is an all-in-one solution. No plugins required. WordPress runs on plugins. And without them, your website basically doesn’t exist. Do you want to capture email addresses? Plugin. Do you want to have better control over your SEO? Plugin. Do you want to add a cool “Pin It” button to your images? Plugin. Don’t let the plugins scare you.

Being an all-in-one solution doesn’t make Squarespace superior to WordPress. In fact, some people think that the plugins make WordPress the go-to web platform because you can do basically whatever your heart desires when it comes to the design and functionality of your website. Have a need? Just do some research and find a plugin!

Of course, not all plugins are created equal and some won’t be compatible with your theme or other plugins. Do. Your. Research.

Learning Curve

If someone tells you “WordPress is so easy to use!” don’t listen to them. WordPress is hard and not for the fainthearted. WordPress has a steeper learning curve than Squarespace. I can say that, because I design on both.

Squarespace has a very intuitive dashboard and if you can’t figure something out, their help section is amazing. Think, step-by-step guides for basically everything.

WordPress is difficult for two reasons. The first reason I already mentioned, there are plugins for everything and you need to figure out which ones to use, how to use them, and update them when new versions are developed. The second reason… themes. Squarespace has built-in themes to choose from. WordPress has hundreds, thousands, millions (okay, maybe not millions) of themes to choose from. Anyone can design a theme. Anyone can sell a theme. Anyone can alter a theme. This means that your theme most likely doesn’t work the same way your biz buddy’s theme works. This also means that learning how to use your theme may be difficult. Real difficult. It depends on what theme you choose.

Time Dedicated to Update

One last thing to consider when deciding to use WordPress or Squarespace is how frequently you want or will need to update your website.

Your website will automatically update when Squarespace makes changes to the platform. This is because Squarespace doesn’t allow plugins. When updates are made, they will always be compatible with your site.

On the other hand, when a newer version of a plugin becomes available on WordPress you need to go in and update it. Now, this isn’t the norm but sometimes those updates aren’t compatible with your version of WordPress (yes, WordPress itself updates too and yes, you have to manually update it), your other plugins, or your theme. On most occasions you should be fine but it’s definitely something to keep in mind.

Choose the Platform That is Right for You

Do yourself a favor and write down everything you want your website to accomplish. Write down what you want the look and feel of your website to be. Write down the functionalities you want your website to have.

Then, think about how tech savvy you are. Think about how easily you learn new tools. Think about how much time you want to spend creating and updating your website.

Doing those simple things should help you decide which platform would be best for you.

Still need help deciding? Shoot me a message and let me know what’s holding you back from making a decision!


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