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Make web design a number one source of income in your virtual assistant business – no previous web design skills required.

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Meet your new biz bestie by joining the Creative Virtual Assistant community!

(Running an online business doesn’t have to be lonely and learning how to master web design doesn’t have to be complicated).

Confidently and consistently land web design clients.

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Kristen Leigh Designs How Much You Should Charge to Build a Website

How Much You Should Charge to Build a Website

Web design prices are all over the place! But that doesn’t have to leave you confused. Learn two pricing strategies that will help you determine how much to charge for a website.

Kristen Leigh Designs Your Landed a Web Design Client What Do You Do Next

Your Landed a Web Design Client! What Do You Do Next?

The trick to being a successful web designer is having a strategic process and workflow. You want the client journey and experience to be flawless – and that all begins with the client onboarding process. Learn what to do after you’ve landed a new client to make sure your client onboarding process is something to be raved about.

Kristen Leigh Designs Why Landing Web Design Clients Requires Long-Term Marketing Strategies

Long-Term Marketing Strategies for Web Designers

Landing new web design clients requires using long-term marketing strategies. Learn more about these proven strategies and why you should be implementing them into your marketing plan stat.

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